Monthly Archive: September 2021

Thank You

I’d like to thank my logical male for giving me space to explore inner and outer dimensions of my Self. And I’d like to thank my intuitive female for trusting the process of knowing. The great divide between the two lessens and something new is born: Cosmic Consciousness.

Escape Velocity

What Sonic Black Holes Can Teach Us About the Information Paradox

Do ‘dumbholes’ on Earth hold the key to a black hole’s interior?

By John Loeffler, September 29,2021

I can relate to this article! The terms and images are associated with the “recovery” phase I just experienced. It was an “event.”


Hawking’s theory suggested that black holes could behave as thermal, heat-emitting objects — in contradiction to the normal understanding of black holes as objects which never let energy escape. In 1974, Hawking proposed a solution to this contradiction by showing that, over exceptionally long timescales, black holes could have both entropy and emit radiation by taking into account their quantum effects. This phenomenon was dubbed “Hawking radiation”.

Hawking argued that black holes were actually acting as an idealized black body in space that absorbed all wavelengths of light, but which emitted energy called black body radiation, or Hawking radiation, all along the event horizon.

That is because of virtual particles — matter and anti-matter particles that momentarily spawn in space out of nothing and due to their proximity to each other — immediately annihilate each other and release the energy used to produce them in the first place. This maintains the vital law of thermodynamics that states that the energy of a closed system (the universe) must remain constant.

But, if a pair of virtual particles spawn along the edge of an event horizon, one of the two particles will get sucked into the black hole, while the remaining particle survives and flies away into space as a form of energy known as Hawking radiation.

You can see the problem, right? The universe just took some of its energy and created matter out of nothing, but didn’t get that energy back. 

The only way Hawking radiation could be allowed to exist mathematically is if the in-falling particle actually had negative energy equal in magnitude to the positive energy used to create the two particles, thereby preserving the universe’s total energy.

And there’s more to read (if linear) and digest (if non-linear). It digested me !! There’s that Wiccan angle again !


Edges fill in. Past, present, future. Edges fill in. Here to there. The gap, the pause, imploding and exploding. A primordial soup stirring and being stirred. Sounds like Witch Craft! Sounds Wiccan—One with Earth. Pulling substance into myself as dry land. Feeling round again—intact. Always something new in this Circle of Life enchantment. Ascending, descending. Ebbing, flowing. This emotional e-motion. I trust the process. I trust myself. Autumn’s decay is Spring’s birth.

Edge Effects

This new “edge” experience is causing me to reach out for grounding with the human whom I’ve been in creative process with. Do I have context for this? How does this fit the “radiation/response” equation? I’m not feeling like, my brain is not drawn to, meditation in the same way. A lot of changes going on. Alchemy in motion. I am living meditation with other life forms. This, too, may pass. It’s a moment by moment unraveling and creating process. It’s another puzzle piece to fit into the larger picture.

The enchanted being showed up in mind’s eye as I was getting ready for work this morning. He wears tan “trousers” I thought but was corrected with the word “knickers.” I immediately thought about Breitenbush, a retreat center I visited many years ago. It seems my life, since childhood has been connecting with nature and its “pixie dust” has left a trail. This dust is associated with Ley Lines of living and Ley Lines of relationships at every level.. I’m in a snow globe that’s being shaken as a pixie dust bowl. Reminds me of my brain. What’s next ?

These enchanted beings are Earth Angels !!

Ley Lines ~ Life Lines

An entity is hanging around. Familiar, but not of this world. His “edge” (felt and seen but not seen) reminded me I have a blog half completed. I will complete that now.

My daughter and I spontaneously took a ferry to Guemes Island and stopped at Young’s Park. I walked the tree’s edge as she walked the water’s edge. (Preferences!) A small, circular and smooth stone stood out in the short grass and got my attention. I have a window sill lined with similar stones so I chose to leave it intact. Then further on, I saw a similar stone. It, too, was alone. Spontaneously I walked back to the first one, picked it up and placed it next to this second rock. Waves of enchantment came over me after doing so. It was as if something settled into place. After reading the following post on Facebook maybe I touched the edge of a Ley Line. As I write this I remember the Queen Anne’s Lace Deva whom I met last summer. I think this entity hanging around tonight is similar. Do they all have to do with Ley Lines? I do have a stone from that vacation. A stone with a face—according to my Eye.

“Stones and rocks hold the dna of people who hold them. Placed in formation they have the capacity to form a portal and rocks placed on ley line energy create their own sacred line – in Australia they would call this a song line which becomes part of the healing of the planet.”

Written by Gaye Wilson-Smart and posted on Ley Lines and Earth Mysteries.

“songlines” has always sung to me. It’s my identity as pattysonglines.

I love this recent enchantment and now that my knee is better I can be out in the elements more often.

Circle of Life — Lines

East—Sunrise, Birth, Spring

South—Noon, Teen, Summer

West—Sunset, Adult, Autumn

North—Midnight, Elder, Winter

Trish’s Bubble

I love writing my mystical inside-out story. It’s my radiation into this dimension and beyond and started after being struck by Light via Angel from an East window. Angel Michael’s Love is a healing force.

I’m in a bubble that floats in air and dives in water. Reminding me of Noah’s Ark. A critical juncture, protected. Had another social dream about which hiking trail to take and inviting a gal pal. Seems I’m grounding in 3D when so many others want to leave it for “higher” dimensions. Ah, has something to do with that bubble. My knee hiked a mtn a couple days ago without any complaints! I’m so happy about this healing. Getting now that I was in a bubble while hiking, surrounded by trees and water and a loving daughter which is a healing story of its own. Gonna meditate now—in my bubble !!


I ended the previous post and noticed I was in a “bubble.” Ok. A bit later two are in an enclosure like a tent. I thought proton and neutron of a cell. (As I write I wonder about electron.) Then a layer is lifted from cell reminding me of removing the rain flap on a tent. Then I dreamt about being with members of my blood family preparing for holiday festivity. I openly spoke my mystical language. When questioned I answered. I engaged in conversation with my oldest sister’s husband who is a sweet and gentle man. This dream about being my Self with family was/is like a breath of fresh air. Permeation !! Not sure what is new but this seems to be signs of movement.

This definition fits my dream:

What are permeable boundaries? Sometimes boundaries are permeable—things can pass through them easily. Boundaries between parents and children exist primarily due to age and role differences, are most often permeable as they share information, resources, chores, and other resources of value within the family.

This reminds me of the “pause” variability rate:

Description. The process of permeation involves the diffusion of molecules, called the permeant, through a membrane or interface. Permeation works through diffusion; the permeant will move from high concentration to low concentration across the interface.

Our cells hold our stories. Good to let the New Earth be cleansed and made new.

What is permeability in a cell?

Cell membrane permeability. a quality of cell membranes which permits the passage of solvents and solutes into and out of cells.

A healthy cell has no snags.

Pause and Effect

My “pause” is a depression on a chart. Emotionally it feels cloudy with choppy waters and high winds. No land is in sight. The sun is obscured. What’s at the root of this dark pause? It’s my experience that men want sex and women want relationship. It’s the difference between testosterone and estrogen. I know the power of testosterone’s sexual drive moving through this body. Out of balance it reflected inner emotional imbalance. This darkness caused collapse and I chose a turn-around to metaphysics, meditation where I was greeted by Angel Michael. This pause holds a “trust” issue within myself and with men.

I’m told not to dwell in the past. That is not how healing works for me. I dwell here until I can rise up from this snag. I dwell here until Truth shines through. Honesty is the thread that weaves unconscious, subconscious and conscious awareness together through dark and light weather patterns. I choose honesty through throat chakra connected to wing and heart chakra. I ask myself, “Are you being stubborn?” The answer is that this pause is more than emotional. There’s a different substance present. Something I need to permeate. So I sit with it. So it sits with me. Eye to eye and we need more time to process.

Arcturian Influences

GOLOV meditation’s tilting back of head produces an > angle of Third Eye Seeing/Being that looks like the Arcturian bulbous head. Very Arcturian today. Is Cerebral Spinal Fluid a connector via photons? Long slender serpents came in looking like needles with eyes.

Heart Beat

I’m curious about the “pause” or interval between heart beats, ocean waves, solstice shifts, etc. What is this space in between the breaths, cycles, beats of life? In the following article I am drawn to this sentence:

The parasympathetic side is characterized as the rest and digest system that allows the body to power down and recover “once the fight is over”. 

What if there is no fight? What if there is high frequency bliss? Is this recovery time still at play? And what if male brain and female heart have different timing and recovery intervals? If so are we becoming conscious of this music of the spheres? What does human harmony look like, sound like, feel like?

What Is Heart Rate Variability (HRV) & Why Does It Matter? blog

Heart Rate Variability and the Autonomic Nervous System

HRV is regulated by the autonomic nervous system (ANS), and its sympathetic and parasympathetic branches, and it is commonly accepted as a non-invasive marker of autonomic nervous system activity. The sympathetic branch of the ANS is the stress or fight or flight system, getting us ready to act, react, and perform – to meet the different demands that life throws at us.

The parasympathetic side is characterized as the rest and digest system that allows the body to power down and recover “once the fight is over”. The sympathetic branch activates stress hormone production and increases the heart’s contraction rate and force (cardiac output) and decreases HRV, which is needed during exercise and mentally or physically stressful situations. Conversely, the parasympathetic branch slows the heart rate and increases HRV to restore homeostasis after the stress passes. This natural interplay between the two systems allows the heart to quickly respond to different situations and needs.

AND…. This recovery time is what my cerebral spinal fluid filled brain needed at the Marco Island retreat. When that didn’t happen I had a panic attack. There’s a pattern here!! How to self-regulate as I navigate life with those in my orbit? How do all of us regulate this new fluid now moving through us?