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Spinal Fluid #2 ~ Shangri-La

What is Gaia’s spinal fluid? How does She breathe to thrive? What cavities and corridors support Her? And how do Her children support sacred fluid? I think Gaia holds a “Secret Garden” where the Little People, the Fae, Unicorns, Dragons, etc live. More to be revealed?

In the past it was “The Father and I are One.” Now it’s “Gaia and I are One.”

8/29. GOLOV

Once CSFluid fills in space there’s nothing to do but float. The ship is at sea, in deep waters. I noticed that bodily movement at this depth splashes, releases, radiates colors. It’s a delicate space.

At one point my head was moving as Serpent / Dragon. This shapeshifting — no, not shapeshifting — I was two beings at the same time. Maybe that is shapeshifting! I found it so very comical. Is this associated with Avatar? I don’t understand that term yet.

Two brains, two hearts light up as One making all things double de-light-full. Is this delicacy called Gamma? Or is it that Secret Garden of Shangri-La?

Spinal Fluid

8/38. GOLOV

I Am cerebral spinal fluid—lucid, placid—in a womb or cavity. I Am a floating orb! I Am in a corridor. I look down nose as a breathing generator connected to ears, a hearing machine.

Knee feeling so strong. Yesterday dark sorcerer returned. I got the green light to talk about this today. He attacks my knee. I feel the jabs (not as sharp as voodoo doll pins). I used to curse this stalker/hacker. I used to imagine turning his weapons back on him. Now I go to my happy place while he plays his war games of survival. These evil intentions fly like arrows around Earth and come into Earth from outer space. Earth is conscious of these intruders and stays focused on Light and Love that is raising consciousness.

Years ago if I spoke of Stalker/Hacker people would give me strange looks and make insulting comments. One man who knows this guy said that I was letting him in. Another man said this was a reflection of my subconscious. Women are not heard! How does Gaia protect herself from outside intrusion? Does she go within and let the outer chaos rage? How do I, after the fact that I didn’t know about protecting myself. Gaia and I know our inner Happy Place.

S/He Dragon in California


Woke up in the thought/image of being a cell in the midst of community. Is this a white blood cell or a photon? What happens when Light circulates in/with blood of Earth body? How does Light change/transfuse the basic elements of Earth, Water, Air and Fire?

Healing of knee has been an amazing process. The “fluid on knee” kept changing position or focus as restriction and tightness “spoke” in different areas of my knee. It was/is quite a dance! I am holding this new freedom from restriction with care. That uphill climb with my nanny kids assisted my healing. I ask “why.” I get that I sacrificed my body by taking a nose dive while working to get Viv down safely. I was concerned about their safety first. For some reason this took my healing of knee to the next level. My old knee held past wounds from relationships on Earth. My new knee holds Love. What a clearing! My knee may not yet be finished healing so I move with extra care / consciousness.

Marco Island Community

I met Rico at our local Walking Meditation. He’s going to Marco Island in September and was looking for a roommate. I decided to be that roommate! This is unprecedented for me and a big deal since I have been such a loner needing a lot of space. For me it’s a sign of relating differently with men since in my past I’ve related to men as lovers. Now I have male friends! It’s also a sign that I’ve grounded! It will be fun as I get to communicate my needs to have quiet or to be in community. Here I grow again. It will also be convenient to be on-site of the venue.

Rico is enthused about my mystical experiences and my book. I welcome this enthusiasm!!


My book is a living book — unfolding !!

Relaxing Water Rising meditation. Odd / new that this body wants to recline midway through rather than stay upright. What is that saying about my spine which preferred to sit straight? More flexibility? Water rising stopped at neck collar whose spokes were clear. (Spokes support Circle structure) Neck has played a major role in this life ever since it activated suddenly in Oxford, England changing my brain-body and life.

I love my neck—that’s a rising spontaneous statement! I love spontaneity which puts trust in my subconscious layer or strata. It doesn’t always work in this human ego body and world. Maybe why I work with children who are not judgmental or critical.

I was noticing recently how a meditative state of heart-mind keeps me patient when I’m with children. As soon as I notice impatience I switch to patience! Which means shifting to negative space and settling inward, nestling in the Zone! I love the Zone home. Reminds me of ET — a spoke in a larger collar or “wheel” (word coming in spontaneously at the speed of Light or is this intelligent strata faster than the speed of Light? I’m being fed words and always acknowledge this higher source. It’s magical and childlike!

Intuition Keeps Us Safe

Wow! To see and hear Jim Carey talk about cerebral spinal fluid is a game changer for me! I’m going to dive into writing that book to be a voice for Goddess and God electromagnetism. This creative process is a continual book—a scroll.

Our Grounded Spirituality Drum Circle is teaching me a lot about myself and others. With a few circles “under my belt” (what an interesting term) I see that my leadership style is to recognize the gifts of those in the circle and invite them to contribute. There are participants who have more expertise than I do and I welcome them. My expertise is inclusion because of my right brain orientation. I notice a couple of women trying to self-promote because of their expertise (the old paradigm). I’m keeping them in check. So far they choose to stay. This circle approach to leadership (rather than top down) reminds me of Sir Lancelot and the Round Table. I see this legendary table as “democratic” with each knight contributing their unique gift. This way of seeing and being—this mindset—is how we heal the parts and the whole. I see the countries of Gaia as gemstones with each one shining. Reminds me of Dr. Joe’s recent word “shimmering.” And it doesn’t stop with countries.

Intuition. A couple of recent experiences involved intuition.

1) I’m having lunch at a local restaurant and notice a man sitting nearby directly opposite from me. I look at him, he turns away. Later I look at him again and he is staring at me. In a split second it feels creepy and I think “womanizer.” Then I rationalize that negativity (or was it personal experience) into loving thoughts and make a friendly comment to him as I leave the restaurant. The next creepy thing is he’s walking out the door right behind me. Bottom line: I didn’t feel safe and picked up on this intuitively but I didn’t listen.

2) At the park with nanny kids and Logan wants to go up the steep hill to climb trees. He hands me a walking stick that was laying in the playground! 3-year-old Viv and I can do this! But when I see the incline and tree roots I have my doubts. Is this safe? Can Viv do this? Can my knee do this? We made it to the tree climbing area and the litter revealed it was popular with teens or transients. Kids climbed and we picked up the litter using a plastic bag on site. Climbing down I tripped on a blackberry vine and took a nose dive and slid. Luckily there was enough woody debris to stop me from going further. This was the first time the kids heard me swear! I am scratched and ribs sore but thankfully nothing serious. Bottom line: it felt unsafe but I didn’t listen.

Solar System Activation

Loving time with community. It’s grounding as Energy fuses with Matter which makes it personal. Embodied Spirit / Spirit embodied.

This new cycle of community shifts focus from parts (Earth and Sun) to more parts. This shift changes the pressure, the heat and distributes it more evenly. This applies to the whole system from individual body to Solar System bodies. It’s as if Kundalini Dragon had babies throughout space/time. This is one good imagination — Third Eye Imaging — Dragon Eye!

Book to Scroll

Revelation chapter 5:

1 Then I saw in the right hand of him who was seated on the throne a scroll written within and on the back, sealed with seven seals. 

2 And I saw a mighty angel proclaiming with a loud voice, “Who is worthy to open the scroll and break its seals?” 

3 And no one in heaven or on earth or under the earth was able to open the scroll or to look into it, 

4 and I began to weep loudly because no one was found worthy to open the scroll or to look into it. 

5 And one of the elders said to me, “Weep no more; behold, the Lion of the tribe of Judah, the Root of David, has conquered, so that he can open the scroll and its seven seals.”

Revelation chapter 8:

When the Lamb opened the seventh seal, there was silence in heaven for about half an hour.

We spend three chapters opening the scroll, with significant events for each seal being opened. But what is the significance of the scroll itself? There’s a lot of excitement about finding one worthy to open it, and trouble caused by its opening, but we never find out anything about its contents. Is there some implied information here? Something cultural and assumed by the original audience? An external reference? What is the scroll with the seven seals?

The scroll had seven seals. Each time a seal is opened, certain events are revealed. Thus the content of the scroll is revealed pictorially by the events John sees each time a seal is opened. Each time a seal is opened, a new part of the scroll is revealed.

As to what the significance of the scroll is, these are the facts: 

-The scroll itself has text on the inside and on the outside. 

-Only Jesus was worthy to open the scroll 

-The seven trumpets are part of the seventh seal (Rev 8:1-6) 

-At the end of the seventh trumpet (that is, at the very end of the seventh seal), it is said, Then the seventh angel sounded: And there were loud voices in heaven, saying, “The kingdoms of this world have become the kingdoms of our Lord and of His Christ, and He shall reign forever and ever!” (Rev 11:15). 

-Thus, at the end of the seals, the world has become God’s kingdom. When everything in the scroll has transpired, the universe fully belongs to God.

Deva Song

I had to check in with Google about the “morning stars” quote that came up in GOLOV this morning.

“In Job 38:7 (ESV), Jehovah claims that the cornerstone of the earth was laid

when the morning stars sang together, and all the sons of God shouted for joy

implying that the morning stars were living beings”

[on my soapbox — sons? no daughters? The big lie of exclusion.]

8/21 GOLOV

Open hands in response to stillness is an open circuit = peace, tranquility, well being.

What triggers memories rising from subconscious? Language that has electromagnetic links thus attraction in/with past, present, future?

I float in, I float with, cerebrospinal fluid = Breathwork of nose/mouth.

Song “Deep Peace” — human noise begone !!

How to act in the ocean of Song? Do I have to act? Only if I want this body.

From vertical to horizontal position during meditation a dome or arc greets me. Beings are like stars dotting this frame over me.

[on my soapbox — matter is part of an energetic spectrum! Why the exclusion? Why leave out the sacredness of physical body and feminine Nature?Information is different from angles of beta, alpha, theta, delta, gamma. Fascinating to get to know these relationships. Will beta brains go there?]

Time of year for the Deva Song of Queen Anne’s Lace. Smile Song in response !!

Tetrahedron Song ~ Crystal Activation

Some bats have a stealthy back up to their usual sonar system: barely detectable calls that might help the animals to evade adversaries. Bats navigate at night by making calls and listening to the sounds that bounce back, a type of biological sonar known as echolocation.

GOLOV 8/19

In stillness I notice an Earth song at lowest (South) chakras. It’s a vibrating mating call! Sun song in response is like musical chords—a scale, a spectrum! What is the effect of this engaging Earth/Sun relationship? It definitely transforms the electromagnetic field. How do Tetrahedrons play a role?

Looks to me as if I and other humans have a “Sun” at inner core that attunes to Solar Sun/Song at center of our galaxy. Our Sol Sun must have a partner in another galaxy and on it goes. Crystal Grid activation !!