That wave! Up, around and over. Churning up debris. Feels like a “life review” that is said to happen when one crosses over to the other side. I feel its heaviness as I feel its lightness. What am I crossing over and into? What is this other side?

Plowing through waters I am aware of an undercurrent or is it an over current? Plowing through waters there is a current with me that carries me above and beyond the waves. I know it as peace and contentment of the moment. It transcends activity/drama of this realm. Lately I feel it as I drive in my car (a loving relationship). These “emotional memories” have kept me upright through turning change. Memories beyond the dramas of this personality. Unconscious, subconscious, conscious, superconscious rolling around to charge, discharge, recharge and roll again. Waves in the ocean of space. Oh, it’s the dots or eyes of the Yin Yang transcending motion of energy in motion. Are there humans I talk to about this? Is there a group? Or am I talking with that group now Arcturian to Arcturian or cosmic citizen to cosmic citizen? Is there cosmic consciousness? I’m sure there’s much beta brain language I can find. I’m sure the research has been done. But that is not the same frequency. I seek authentic, genuine, well-rounded frequency from within and around. This is in line with what’s ahead of the wave. It’s making my life a bit rocky as identity shifts. What else shifts? I get to discover as life rolls along.

Song uproots: “Ain’t got a barrel of money, Maybe we’re ragged and funny, Just rolling along, Singing a song, Side by side.” Reminds me that I had a happy childhood and came in and through as a happy soul. This is in-line as past, present, future. This is cosmic.

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