Star Dust Particle

Cord is a radio antennae transmitting sparks—like stardust particles 🔸. (Photon)

Changes in relationships = change in orbital patterns. My discomfort being with a particularly chaotic family came to point and I spoke out. Relationships evolve, revolve or dissolve depending on grounded communication (transmission). I am doing relationship in a new way, in a new cycle. Arcturians are with me—grounding communication.

The photon (Greek: φῶς, phōs, light) is a type of elementary particle. It is the quantum of the electromagnetic field including electromagnetic radiation such as light and radio waves, and the force carrier for the electromagnetic force. Photons are massless,[a] so they always move at the speed of light in vacuum, 299792458 m/s (or about 186,282 mi/s). The photon belongs to the class of bosons.

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