Dragon ~ Old and New

I awoke and my physical body made large breaststroke motions as if I was swimming through a debris field. Then I had a breakthrough in consciousness! I knew those men in my life as dragons! The heaviness of karmic attraction and lack of evolution holds the time we were at war. I see myself as a dragon held in chain, imprisoned and starved. Yesterday’s activity was with the last of the old dragons! This explains so much. I am now free to fly into my future. The picture, the knowing, is so clear! Gaia is also a Dragon. She has been at war and imprisoned in chains. That heaviness is lifting and evolution is in process. Consciousness leads the charge as She “jumps tracks” into new space. Dragon is the Life Force that activates matter. May Consciousness continue to unfold, enfold and evolve a new brain body — Dragon.

“Jumping tracks” has to do with DNA strands. I’m now experiencing ivy vines clawing their way up trees. It takes intention and effort to loosen them and remove them. (I’ve wondered what role the ivy vines have other than being Druid related.) We leave the debris field behind.

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