Driving North to my friend’s house I sensed a large space craft above me behind the cloud mass. Do I believe everything I sense? It’s getting a bit intense. I was going to have a trance session with my hypnotherapist friend to ask questions about the who, what and why that’s unfolding in meditation but my body was suddenly in a funk. Not sure where that came from. The craft connection? I realized I’m in trance four times a week with GOLOV meditations and that my body isn’t a machine—it doesn’t want to do back to back trance. My body wants time to to process and breathe. It took several hours and a walk through the local tree farm for my body to feel balanced. Ancient Aliens was on the TV and at one point when an Egyptian carving was shown and it’s association with aliens my friend exclaimed, “ I just dreamed about that!” How many of us are connecting with aliens and craft?

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