7/17 GOLOV

Saw cords above receivers’ heads as the “silver cord” and remember when I was pushed and pulled in space by this cord attached at the top of my head.

I put cream on feet and feet in socks and feel cozily grounded. I can do this—we’re family! (I can be so unprofessional.) Song begins and I connect through liquid brain fluid to alien substance. It’s a “circuit board” connection. I extend “I welcome your teachings.”

Feeling gratitude to Dr Joe as a “reverberating” being. White ET present. We raise frequency to connect with Galactic Family. An arcing connection, a bridge that human matter/substance provides. Head floats separate from body—buoyant! As I extend hug to DJ I am hugging ET. Notice calm, still waters with no ripples. As I start to “go under” in trance state ET wants to “play in the sandbox.” Such a playful being. I soon got that Earth is a sand box. There’s that box again.

This is Significant: I felt the Light fluid pressing against matter and it was the Yin Yang symbol. I got that Light’s pressure on matter creates motion of thought and feeling! The symbol is NOT positive and negative dramas it’s the larger field as Energy and Matter! A huge breakthrough in consciousness—the bridge between worlds.

Meditation is a cocoon to wrap up in, be transformed and unwrap as new.

Brain, heart, body relating is a plugged in circuit board—lit up in balanced intelligence!

This meditation was less intense and confusing. Perhaps the giving of Love is important for balance of head, heart, hands. Does this mean the “Galaxy glue” or elixir fluid is moving through bodies? I think so ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🤍🔆

This drawing suggests to me that the “line” created is that silver cord.

As above so below. Sun is under our feet at center of Earth. Sun to sun in reverberation — Galactic mapping is Galactic echoing.

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