That was one strange meditation/trance. I will follow my notes:

“Let the Earth hold you” song lyrics with special meaning today. Emotional.

Background music plays behind the noise of this world. I see “projection” as a scene spreading out in front of eyes. “All the world’s a stage.” There are levels or filters through which to see projection.

A “feeding cord” is coming through brain. Head light seeing. A hologram. Background is foreground. I’m doing a “snake dance” with this beaming cord. Entwined. Back of head—socket connection. Intimate, golden lovemaking — Light and Matter. A bliss machine-mechanic. I feel it golden at the back of my neck and penetrating downward.

“The field is a projection” and my brain was on overload! Made no sense to me. “Too mental” I thought. Usually it’s an easy flow—this was engaged with tension trying to understand.

I look at the GOLOV receivers and wonder why I can’t relate to healing them. I look more deeply, concentrate, and see cords as feeding tubes going into brains. Feels sci-fi !! Avatar-ish !! And I’m confused !! This golden mercury beam is changing my reality.

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