Teacher and Teachings

7/12 GOLOV

What a bizarre mood I was in this time of day. I felt the feelings. During the meditation I found myself on a mountain top (“alp” was the word—associated with my Swiss roots?) with my white bearded oriental teacher (“Dr Wu” came through this morning and I wonder if this is someone in medical practice near me). My teacher offered jasmine tea and we sat together. Other Masters (from the I Am Bliss song) encircled above. I asked questions and received. How interesting that my emotional body could be in a “funk” and my Over Soul be in another Reality. In the shamanic course with Alberto Villoldo I learned more about this upper space. I also learned some ways to acknowledge energy to/from the 8th center. I’m aware of the integration in process at so many levels. I feel it, see it and report my findings!!

I almost forgot! I realized on that alp that “there are no serpents here!” What does this mean? This high experience is beyond time-space.

PS: we had a minor earthquake two hours prior to this meditation. Maybe deep Earth energies rose up to be felt.

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