Monthly Archive: July 2021

Bless the Children ~ Blessed by the Children

I was wanting a few more nanny hours a week and a second family showed up. Two boys — 18 months and 3 years. Three hours, two days a week calls for focused attention as they play room to room to outside to room to room some more. I had not seen them for a couple weeks and today they were all smiles and open hearts when I arrived. I was invited to play trucks in the dirt and rocked the youngest to sleep in my arms. As I held him I thought about children around the world and imagined holding them all. Sorry to have missed Dr Joe’s talk today but I’m generating income to hang out with him and community in September.


Felt an energetic disconnect yesterday that, once again, had me thinking, “What did I do?” This line of thought started as a child with parents who were more serious than joyful, more silent than expressive of feelings. It continued in relationship with two husbands who did not express feelings and then in telepathic relationships with no communication in 3D reality. Telepathic experience can be so illusive that one cannot be certain if the disconnect actually happened. What does one do in such a nebulous experience? I let it go. I detach. I no longer dwell in this old thinking pattern. Rather I seek Truth: disconnects in relationship weaken the bond. What is a bond? Is it subatomic particles that I heard about in a Dr. Joe talk this morning?

I have been drawn to meditating with my local (connected to global) CE-5 Washington group on Zoom which means I let go of Thursday GOLOV meditations. Tonight I will have that experience. I notice that I’m wanting more local and grounded relationships. Thus the walking meditations on Sundays. This outer “bonding” is a reflection of inner boding that has been in process since Angel Michael visited at age 25. I saw a video illustration that identified Angels with each chakra. Angel Michael was identified at the neck/throat chakra! Bingo! The snap at the back of my neck and three days of paralysis was definitely brain and life altering. And Michael is still with me—bonded! Which has me thinking: What if each incarnation is focused in/on a different chakra and Angel? What lessons do we get to learn?

The neck/throat chakra is associated with communication—honest communication. As I write in my book S/He Dragon this honesty between logic and intuition activated my Wing Chakra. I feel this activation in GOLOV meditation as my arms and spine feel expressive—ALIVE—in joy!

After posting I get that I should say something about “bondage” which is one example of how sacred relationship and sexuality gets twisted into patterns that are not creative because they are lower chakra in focus, in domination. Same way that the word “Fuck” is used as common language when it’s a sacred act not to be tossed around and toyed with. How polarized humans have been on the chakra scale and DNA chain. Truth (Light breaking through matter) changes everything—Hallelujah!! And this is a wholistic experience including North, South and the entire circle. Cosmic !!

Love I Am

7/27 GOLOV

Shekinah cloud
With me as I nanny.
I sustain it
And it sits with me
In meditation.
I love swimming
In this cloud.
Held up, buoyant
Full-fill-ment of relationships
One setting to another.
Feather and wings
Body Language.

I am Eagle
Sitting on nest
High ground
Riding thermals
Soaring, gliding
Such a gift
Trees below
And a new human
Living with Earth
Running currents
Ribbons of bliss—Euphoria

Bouyant relationships
sustain Life of alignment.

The effect of this meditation
was lasting reminding me
of the CoHeal experience.
This Dancing with Light
is what Love feels like.
It’s like walking on air !!

Locked In Lift

7/25. GOLOV Meditation

Such an amazing parade of spirit beings that have come through these GOLOV meditations. I think of Angel Michael filling up my living by room and the Masters who respond to the song I Am Bliss. What a journey!

I hold center / contained. A Seer reading energies. Locked torso 1-4. Bobble head 5-7. An accordion—pleated. Ribbons / lines expanding. Like a bellow. Like a scissor lift.

Eye to eye with Serpent. On the move as Life Force. Opening channels above and below. Return of Dragon.

WOW Seeds

I’m in a holding pattern waiting for “threads” to connect before I write. It feels odd but I trust the process to the point there may be nothing more to say—in the same way.

Powerful Placebo meditation this morning carrying words rooted in Earth, vining in experience, branching in intelligent Love and crowning in Truth. All of which manifested a smile in this garden. Wow!!

Energy Nodes

Supernatural Guided Meditation

Neck and head responded with lines and nodes of human body and galactic body. Energy meets matter at “joints” which is that socket I’ve been feeling in meditation and drawing as < . My head and neck like to be connected but sitting or walking with the back of my head pressed against my neck is strange posture.

I am attracted to and getting to know—a land mass! This attraction is electromagnetic and includes logic and emotion of consciousness and subconsciousness. The New Earth! Relationship evolves through conscious awareness.

The “neck” had a large collar of energy that was pleated in expanding fashion. I drew the nodes and lines and am told this is the pattern from micro to macro.

Earth Alignment

7/24 GOLOV

Zoom meditation connecting with people via eyes, ears, mouth—activated chakras—love, love, love this experience. Do I have this quality of engagement in other groups? (I’m joining the local Seattle group for Walking Meditation tomorrow.)

I go into meditative state and notice blue Arcturians are replaced by beings in white. Dancing white threads or ribbons flow / a porous fabric. Neck socket locked in <

“Become one” brought to mind/heart the N/S cord with Yin Yang symbol at center. I drew it and it reminded me of Earth on her axis. Is this the cause of her wobble? Is this her natural state or was she knocked off balance? This reminded me of the Global Brain.

It takes Earth’s axis about 26,000 years to complete a circular “wobble.” This wobble is called axial precession. Earth’s axis helps determine the North Star, and axial precession helps change it.

Yesterday I felt something within tighten up (coil) to the point of busting loose. This allowed me to be new as choppy waters settled. No longer in this grip I was able to choose what foods to eat. I know this “beast” well—it’s like a giant tsunami that takes control. My renewal is less about food and more about staying centered with both logic and emotion (intelligence) away from being swallowed by this toxic rush. This pattern is true for addiction in general. It’s a global brain crisis.

I focus on new choices and know how to do this as I’ve had success after success with each one extending in duration.

Making Waves

I want to make some waves about habitual language. There are words that people constantly use that are dark in ignorance. I am calling on our collective subconscious to bring up new and enlightened words that reflect Truth of Love.

At the ocean with kids and ready to meditate. It’s a new commitment to heal this body that continues to be resistant to change. I’m talking about my love affair with food. Last night I had pizza when I told myself I wouldn’t. This inner rebel (“stallion”) has got to be — will be — is being — brought into line. I am learning new language! I am also making a new commitment to an external teacher. Gulp! That’s a strange sensation running through this body. To trust a human? To hear Truth from another Angel Human? I’m getting this means that my ears are increasing in capacity so that I can listen and then hear. I heard that the voice chakra includes the ears. My voice chakra is activating and making waves — of healing.

Two hold a cord as one “team” and repel downward into subconscious. This cord or line sustains balance in its motion and it’s stillness. To hold this cord as one unit looks like a N/S line intersecting Yin Yang. If I get flung far out I simply return to central line that’s holding me. Trust worthy !!


7/22. Dr Joe You Tube — Listen to It Before July 31

Listened early this morning to and from the artesian well for drinking water. Once again my capacity to receive had expanded and I heard information for the first time. Dr Joe is an excellent teacher and I am on a constant learning curve. I’m grateful when Im in this receptive space and the rolling waves are still.

I notice lately that when I get off-line I feel it, become conscious of it and make a note to do this or that differently. I’m learning from the line of polarities. It’s a balancing act.

Dr Joe’s Facebook live today was soul full. I enjoyed hearing his perspectives, the words he articulates and his emotional content. As I become more logical he seems to become more heart centered.. I think we are meeting in the middle! And that’s a creative and intelligent relationship!