Monthly Archive: June 2021

Quantum Language

Relaxing, soothing morning meditation with few words. Blue squared northern lights and dome opening at top of head. New language being received—foreign at first.

I see that I am learning a new Quantum Language in response to my inflamed knee. I am starting to wrap around it at a beginning level with new ideas. It’s like gathering the wires to sort them out. I’m grateful I continue to walk but in a new field.

It’s so easy to be in Light Body. There are less decisions to make. In dense body one has to create and sustain homeostasis. And that’s another untruth! I work to merge these different frequencies. This process is healing and the effects are in motion.

Imagination – Light Imaging

The Fire of Imagination YouTube video attuned me to Light. I am / We are imaged (created) in Light. I am / We are images (creations) of Light. I don’t use imagination—imagination uses me when I am in its ray or beam. It’s a role reversal —standing in Light rather than the shadow of Light.

I focus on healing my knee which is as much about being in body as it is about being in space outside of body. In body I now fast and take supplements to change my chemical environment in order to match my spiritual environment. Lining up Light Body with Physical Body is work of a life time.

Brother diagnosed with cancer is choosing the Medical Medium as his official doc and drinking celery juice as his chemotherapy. Bravo!

Shekinah Aura

GOLOV 6/26. Infuse matter with energy— every thought, word, action. Include Shekinah substance in between and around matter.

Soul Calling Song. Heart beat. Blood pumping. Orbs. Supporting rhythm. E-motion. Dancing photons. Mystical matter.

Attach chords to matter via Triangle with Light at top. Encircled. And Squared. The attaching chords connect with “suction cups” along circular aura.

Self-love is a cushion for knee. Snake appears. Says I can use him as knee brace. I appreciate the pressure / support.

Body shed more childhood memory about being a burden and I saw how my knee was affected. It was like a ghost coming into consciousness—Ah-Ha! I got the connection as I felt and saw it move out from body in a misty puff—poof! I’ll restore broken linkages that move from the energy field into the circular aura.

X-ray Vision

I almost forgot the most surreal part of GOLOV. meditation yesterday. I was inside my body dancing and flowing with the intention of healing. I saw floating and stationary parts— yellow golden in color. Is this X-ray vision? Another mystical dimension inside Earth rather than our in space? Are the two connected? Seems I’m working on that.

Dancing Orbs

In morning meditation I turned within—greeted by a light bulb at the top of my head. This pressure had a lot of play in GOLOV meditation yesterday. Much of it surreal as I was deep.

Tuned in to Jared dark eyes and did healing work by meeting the dark wings around him with white wings. Untangling dark root-like pillars. Sprinkling white substance on bedrock to loosen. Pressing down. Taking hold. Watery fluid lifts, renews. Jared’s eyes free up, loosen up, lighten up.

GOLOV was sensual. This sensuality heals my knee. It’s not “lack of flexibility” causing pain—it’s lack of sensuality! While driving a memory rose up regarding the burden I thought/felt I was as a child. This heaviness was not/is not sensual.

Light bulb pressure at the top of my head is invited to infuse body. How can it do that? During GOLOV I saw the energy go around body to feet and then up to knee, legs, hip. The energy did not want to go down the spine so we did a bypass.

The final song Soul Calling has dancing orbs/photons of Light. I invited them to dance with my knee. In the sensual dance with these “pixies” (what is a pixel?) I became an amoeba—with supple joints? No, I had no joints! Photon saturation was intense.

This integration of Light energy and Dark matter is healing. A Yin/Yang dance. What happens when balance is reached? When tension ceases? Do we humans become dancing orbs?

This post reminds me that I don’t support relying on an external teacher or training for individual expertise. If I had done this I would not be allowing energy to teach me new routes and bypasses. I would not have an open door to energy in motion. A true teacher teaches one to go within and listen to inner guidance. Know thyself!!

Spiritual Journeying

Change Your Box, Change Your Reality is my “Go To” meditation right now as I heal buried habits and a knee. I recognized Parts Therapy (a tool for hypnotherapy) in the meditation and it’s the work I need to do right now. I’m not receiving all the information in the meditation, I’m not 100% attentive, present. This house with many floor levels is getting hit with Light rays of regeneration—no, not the right word—generation. Present not past. (Dr Joe is such a great teacher.) Now, can I catch my habitual words of criticism and judgment of self and others? My mind says: “You want to become a Saint?” What would that look like if my house was filled with Light? Oops, delete, delete. I AM a house overflowing with Light. This overflow heals! This reversal in thinking, seeing and language is another hypnotherapy technique called Reframing.

Had a great Past Life Regression session yesterday. I love doing this work. It’s a way to love the person in front of me as well as the beings, people, places, memories, etc that come up in the client’s journey (shamanic as well!). I now see that it’s a way for me to love the subconscious and unconscious realms. And I get to be creative by listening to my intuition in response to my client’s process. Being paid generously is a bonus! My healing work is more like Spiritual Journeying as I integrate many tools. One outcome from the session is that her dad wants a PLR session. Problem is I can’t understand his broken English (family is Indian) Solution is this client’s sister and my friend will sit in to assist. I loved the way the father “lit up” when he asked for a session.

Seeing and Saying

Earth holds shadows that holds memories blocking Truth of pure Light. Earth is aerated peacefully, orderly or chaotically. The difference is in the eyes of the observer, the Seer.

I know someone who lets his five-year-old son watch violent video games and cartoons. That son was telling me how his dad has a video game with a huge axe he uses to cut off arms and heads. He can’t play the game but he can watch sometimes. This child knows I don’t approve of violence (he has seen me rescue spiders) and was trying to get my response. He actually said he didn’t like his dad doing this. It is clear to me that the dad is acting out a lifetime when they used these huge axes. Do those of us who See with Inner Eye (that disc/dial) tell our Truth? Maybe I can lead into it by talking about Past Life Regression. This dad and the mom are both very tall and I’ve always seen them as Warriors of another time. I wonder about my role during that time. Did I live a human life with them or was I a spiritual guardian watching over them? Delores Cannon and others talk about clients under hypnosis who reveal such lifetimes. It is a challenge to know how much to say.

Earth is cracking open with chaotic insanity and orderly wisdom. Some of us have recovered enough of our own shadow memories that we can assist others. Who is ready for more Truth? Who is willing to dive deep in order to fly high? Earthy depth is Feminine—may She become conscious in Earth and on Earth.

Clearing the Field

A certain subject is coming up for me from the collective unconscious and from my own memory bank That subject is Goddess. I’ve read books that say when Goddess was the religion men would go to the temples and lay with Her as ritual. The women and men never got involved in human relationship. This represented divine union. In my many years of telepathic relationship have I been serving Goddess in this way? If so I have not passed the test of old. I have wanted more than fiery telepathic relationship because I am not an object—at least that’s how it’s felt. I wonder if the men I’ve been attracted to in this life are from those days of old. Maybe I was male then and they were female. (Reminds me that tomorrow I offer my first Past Life Regression session after 2-3 years.) I’m resigning as Goddess! At least in the old way.

Interesting that I’m vocalizing thoughts and feelings that Ive held for years. It must be time to “change the hands of time” (here’s that dial again). Maybe it’s time to change History and Herstory with a new wave of Unconditional Love.. We do this by clearing up/out the old in consciousness.


Honesty within, between my inner emotion and thought, sprouted wings. Honesty without includes emotion, thought and language/communication that sustains wings.

Telepathic relationship reaches a place where it no longer works because there is no grounding. Love in this female body needs grounding—a place to go. In my experience this isn’t true for men.

As I adjust my thoughts and feelings I turn down the temperature, the heat. This provides balance but it does not, I discover, change the core of Love. It simply changes the “radiation.” I say this as that solar disc or dial comes into mind’s eye. The telepathic relationship takes on new posture or response in relationship to Light. Maybe this honesty is significant at a galactic level. Maybe it needs to become conscious, spoken and observed further. The work doesn’t stop with alchemical changes. Alchemy is an adjustment of elements.

Always more to see and know about oneself as part of a galactic whole. Love is unconditional—the secret to Alchemy.


I credit meditation for nerves of steel as I managed a communication thread with family around a memorial celebration. Setting a date was monumental. As a sister complained about the many back and forth communications I rode the storm moment by moment keeping quiet in response to those who can be challenging.

I credit meditation for a strong backbone that is resilient enough to ride the winds of change. It’s a head-heart-feet connection. I read a comment in the morning meditation about how the body is just a vehicle. I used to think and talk that way. Just the other day I referred to my body as a machine. Not True! The physical body is a sacred temple receiving and radiating Light. It is a Light machine whole and holy. Even the ego deserves new Truth in its role in and on Earth.

And I credit the evolution of Spirit and Matter as my body begins to re-turn to others the healing energy that moves through me. It’s an easy path to read as I am steered/moved by Spirit. Hah! Maybe that dial is a steering wheel. There’s a Bible story about a wheel.

Additional credit to Ancient Aliens, History Channel, for the Alien Brain segment.

“The reference to Ezekiel’s wheel occurs in the book of Ezekiel Chapter 1: Verses 15-21. This was the appearance and structure of the wheels: They sparkled like topaz, and all four looked alike. … Each appeared to be made like a wheel intersecting a wheel.”
Sounds like a space craft !!

ezekiel's wheel, ezekiel wheel within a wheel, wheel in the middle of a wheel

“Wherever the spirit would go, they would go, and the wheels would rise along with them, because the spirit of the living creatures was in the wheels. When the creatures moved, they also moved; when the creatures stood still, they also stood still; and when the creatures rose from the ground, the wheels rose along with them, because the spirit of the living creatures was in the wheels.” Ezekiel 1:20-21