I turned on the stove top to fry curried carrot potato patties and an egg. I stopped in my tracks. This was not the agreement we had. I am to eat more living fresh food—like the orange or cantaloupe! And this body actually stopped! The pattern is to ignore this voice and go with past behavior. This is a huge quantum leap forward. I have been stuck in a rut eating cooked foods and croissants!! I hope this inner agreement between intelligent heart-mind-body continues! I have the choice to let it happen.
All I have to say is: Hallelujah!!


  1. Eloise Clark

    Yes it’s easy to fall into old patterns of behaviour. I’ve been doing an on line nutrition course and it really helps me to keep on track. I have included my website which is very new. I think you will inspire me to organise this and the blog running alongside it. I love your poems and thoughts. Love Eloise

    1. Patricia Lee (Post author)

      Hi Eloise,
      A bit late with my response as I had not seen this. Thanks for your comments. How is your life and website now that it’s October?



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