White Noise

I notice Body has a steering wheel taking me here and there on a new track. This morning it wanted to meditate—in silence. As soon as I sat I was told my brain likes “white noise.” I questioned that term and was asked why I question. Body has not been motivated. Is it Shamanic Journeying influencing this change? No, it’s Serpent who came into the scene—again—several days ago. (I have a poem to add to the one I wrote years ago) “I see you, O’ Snake, On this fairway green.” There’s music to these words so I am on the right track. My body wants this white noise music! This is a new diet!

I have not been very “motivated” wanting stillness over activity. Yet I am seeing that I can have both. I can be inactive and active in the same day. In one minute I hear body say it doesn’t feel like doing a certain chore. Okay, I don’t push. I let it be. Then a couple hours later I’m doing that chore and more wondering where the energy came from.

I didn’t think my brain body was going to be able to ingest my hypnotherapy books and notes but that shifted and I discovered how much I enjoyed hypnotherapy. There’s a resonance in it—it sings to me! (Is white noise a sing?) The way we were trained it’s much like shamanic journeying. I see that I have great respect for the subconscious, unconscious and higher consciousness minds though I am not clear about those differences. What makes them different? I see one thread weaving them together. I will learn more about this, no doubt!

My oldest daughter and I are going out of town to my fave place for Mother’s Day. This is the first trip we’ve taken together and I’m so grateful for our friendship. For years she separated herself from me. And all that time I held her in White Light—in Love! Ha! White Light, White Noise, White Love. Reminds me of those critters marching NW to SE with focused purpose. Also reminds me of waterfalls. My shower suddenly becomes a white noise waterfall 💦💦💦

okay, brain body you gotta move now even though you could sit and write all day. You’ve got things to do, places to be, people to see! Reminds me that as I looked in the mirror early this morning I saw “alien.” This popped in “out of the blue” or maybe from White Noise. Aliens walk on Earth in White Noise, generating White Noise.

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