Monthly Archive: May 2021

Morning Song

Woke up to information. I learned last night that it requires focus to make contact. I learned this as I experienced it via body. This morning I understand focus as that “head light” — pointed in convergence. Doesn’t convergence and divergence create a triangle? Thanks to my meditation teacher for these terms that are like threads weaving/creating a picture. Such is the blessing of community/communion/common ground.

“Good morning” sings a new song on Earth—one round with stained glass colors dominantly deep red, yellow and blue—one dancing with Rainbow Serpent.

My recent meditation with the shamanic extraction using white light and the recent newsletter from Sandra Ingerman connected dots as in a Ah-Ha moment. Guidance revealed! I am registering for her course on Healing with Spiritual Light. I am also registering for Marco Island meditation retreat. I am better at learning these days with my focus more divergent or wide angled in focus than when I was focused in my Dragon cave—within. Convergent and divergent are so descriptive of lens focus. And we can turn the lens!

Intermittent fasting is teaching me new patterns. Seems to be a smoothing out phase at first. An adjustment as stomach and brain create a new environment in which to communicate. That environment is associated with hunger and feeling light rather than feeling heavy and over eating. Food grounds me in body. Fear not being lighter and out of body! Finding balance is a good lesson to learn.

Hawthorn drying for tea — yumm !!

Eros ~ Union of Light and Matter

Definition of Eros

1: the Greek god of erotic love — compare CUPID

2the sum of life-preserving instincts that are manifested as impulses to gratify basic needs, as sublimated impulses, and as impulses to protect and preserve the body and mind — compare DEATH INSTINCT

3alove conceived by Plato as a fundamental creative impulse having a sensual elementboften not capitalizederotic love or desire

Many of the Eros images depict the bow as a Serpent. Enlightening!!

Live Wires & Wire

GOLOV 5/29. Lots of visualization: N/S line with spiraling and sparking (magnetic and electric) circuitry. Sparks of logic (electric?) and intuition (magnetic?). Live wires = live wire! A grounded wire. Intuition lives in logic, logic lives in intuition.

Serpent appears at right neck and shoulder. I snuggle into serpent, acknowledging him. Then I am pressed into serpent as one N/S line. I feel hints of Eros.

Grounding of live wires:

Major Ah-Ha as I look at images of grounded wires! This is Serpent — of Earth, of Goddess!! What a revelation in consciousness because this experience, this New Earth consciousness, includes Light, spirit, emotion, thought, action.

As the name implies, a ground wire is an electrical wire that extends into the ground below your home. … A ground wire helps those positive charges get to the ground in a safe, direct and controlled way, where they can be discharged without the risk of electrical shock or fire.

In the electrical trades, the terms “line” and “load” are shorthand words that refer to the wires that deliver power from the source to a device (line), vs. those that carry power onward to other devices further along the circuit (load). A number of other more conversational terms are also used to describe the same thing, such as incoming vs. outgoing wires or upstream vs. downstream.

Convergent Focus

Two=One. One=Two. This is the base of a new math equation. Alchemy? Unified radiation? Answer: Unconditional Love.

Grounding is a convergent focus and equation.

I reserved a cabin in a state park and the one I wanted was available September 8-10. The next day I learn that this is the date for the September meditation retreat. I now have a choice to make. Yet, (surprisingly) this is not my solitary choice. There has definitely been more shifting in the field. One thing I know: one doesn’t have to be in the same physical location to be together physically.

Healing in any Now moment affects past and future events. This happens in the Field and Matter = Akashic Record. It’s a Spiritual convergence and divergence.

Marcos Island, 2020

Shamanic Extraction

GOLOV 5/27. Earlier in the day as I walked down a hallway I became aware of a space in front of me that can assist with choices I make. As the meditation began this space came through as a “head light” representing being conscious of what’s ahead—in front of me—in the moment. This grounded eye sight is the process of thinking! I was told to breathe often with head light awareness as I break old patterns.

A Spirit woman has been with me recently. I saw her face and acknowledged her. A Feminine presence was with me in this meditation. I drew her wispy quality as moving East West—opposite of that large masculine N/S being in a recent meditation. I yielded to the whirling energy (whirl wind) and found myself with a woman in this realm who is a shaman. I did extraction healing at her heart by pulling out darts or chards that had been inflicted. I watched while being guided. I asked about the open area as I didn’t want to leave it exposed. I didn’t get guidance so I offered soothing white light of protection and love.

This New Earth has new instructions that include the Four Directions and Elements of Water, Air, Earth, Fire.

Friendship of Heart

Grounding reveals new dimension when common ground is foundation on which friendship blossoms. A woman from the Joe Dispenza meditation community has stayed with me for several days. Someone I didn’t know previously is now a friend. And we designed a plan as Accountability Partners to support one another’s intentions. This partnering is something I’ve been requesting for years. Thank you, Universe! This “delivery” reminds me how a scientist came into my life experience to help me understand my brain-body. Thank you, Universe! Both requests answered after age 70. One doesn’t sit around waiting for support. One lives life in the moment, to the fullest, and the larger picture brings people together. Never doubt the intelligent Universe.

I was telling my new friend Donna that a fear rose up recently. She suggested I change my language and not say that “I fear.” Another woman told me the same thing recently regarding changing limiting language. I am being honest about these “negative” feelings. I am identifying them though they are not my identity. I had an Ah-Ha moment by doing so in that when I felt fear recently my logic stepped in to ask why and then internal gears analyzed how to change the pattern. What a breakthrough! I wasn’t stuck in fear but moved beyond it by identifying it. This signifies new inner relationship between – / + and thus the creative field. Certainly this will change my inner and outer language. Evolution happens by facing one’s shadows and working with them for the greater good.

I am starting 21 days of intermittent fasting. It is good structure for me at this time. With support I will stay with it and change my orientation around food. I get to experience food from new cellular angles from muscles to nerves to photons.

I remember a moment in recent meditation where I opened my eyes from a deep state and saw in the same deep state. There is no separation between inner and outer. It is one flow of cellular fiber. Invisible (subconscious) emotion becomes visible (conscious) logic and the visible logic becomes invisible emotion. Ah-Ha! That feedback loop! I see and hear this support coming to life all around the planet Earth. Now to change the story via language that is not identified in old patterns.

Donna has been very supportive by feeding back to me the positive things she sees in my home, my neighborhood and myself. I love this new quality of friendship from someone who is quite opposite of me in personality. We meet in the middle—heart centered.

Hawthorn Drumming

Drumming in Hawthorn forest with morning bird song. This new brain body is not sure what’s up, down, or side ways. I smile through it all and consider the smile as homeostasis.

In honor of Hawthorn, Herbal Rituals by Judith Berger: Associated with Beltane Rites and God/Goddess; a magical tree with visionary and protective powers; a heart-healer; associated with portals; carrier of the power of the hinge, opening that which is shut, and shutting that which is open; a cardiotonic; drinking the flower, leaf or berry infusion helps us align with the heartbeat of the earth.

I just received some clarity. I’m not used to working with human people! My “people” have been and are mystical—beyond this visible realm. It’s been a simple life with one pointed focus. Now, however, other “points” of this Self and self come into play. It’s a new map—a new “game” to learn and play.


GOLOV Meditation 5/23 was an experience of saturation. Being filled in — filled up — filled down creating a N/S line. It’s a map of life force that brings new life at the root chakra. I reached a point after the first meditation series that I was full and needed to do something else. Opening my eyes (going from invisible being to visible doing) was a natural response. Creator to Creation.

When I did go back to meditation I had to hold myself upright with intention. My spine wanted to collapse sending me sideways (E/W) into unconsciousness. Perhaps this is how I meditate now. It could be the time to heal my knee and other physical issues. All I know right now is that I have a new relationship with myself and, as always, there is more to learn. I’m going to let it be okay if I reach a point of inhale saturation and need exhale output. I scan for a word snd get “Homeostasis.”

In biology, homeostasis is the state of steady internal, physical, and chemical conditions maintained by living systems. This is the condition of optimal functioning for the organism and includes many variables, such as body temperature and fluid balance, being kept within certain pre-set limits. Wikipedia

New Earth

interesting developments today. As I laid down to take a nap I received guidance to “breathe into the light body” of a GOLOV infant that is hospitalized. The purpose? To breathe into the light body as one whole filling in and strengthening (healing) the physical body as many parts. (Very shamanic.)

And later as I laid down due to pressure in my brain I noticed sexual desire moving. (Very Goddess) This caused me to press into something solid (via imaging) and to desire something solid press into me. Without a physical partner one can be creative. With a spiritual partner the pressure builds in cycles. This pressing into desire felt like the “breathe into the light body” instruction earlier in the day. The experience was a new sensation of charged circulating expansion—breathing life into a system—giving sexual union a new dimension.

Sexual expression is a wholistic experience—without a physical partner. I’m not talking masturbation. I’m talking light body in union with physical body that has inherent pressure. The release of which has many creative outlets. In this New Earth cycle we hold Kundalini Serpent and Kundalini Serpent holds us. Reminds me of fire breathing Dragon!

I wonder about the role of Cerebrospinal fluid in earth chakras? Do we have two chakra systems in two different bodies? Getting that we have many bodies!!


GOLOV 5/20 was a deep VOID of nothingness. It wasn’t black nor white. It was anchoring vibration. The after effect was to sleep.

Three days with no commitments. This is definitely new in my life. I scan the day and realize my commitments are to myself: writing, exercise, healthy food, reading hypnotherapy book. I work to keep activity in a high “meditative” state which over arches/oversees all emotion. This consciousness moves from invisible to visible realms. It erases old habit patterns and makes room for the new. I Am Creator of Now and Future Nows.