Goddess 2021

I was going to write poetry in honor of Serpent but this poem is speaking in my ears so here it is, a direct ley line from subconscious underground to conscious aboveground. Seems to be one seamless “garment” wearing me. Which reminds me that I used to say, “I don’t do Shamanism, shamanism does me.” Lately I say, “I don’t do meditation, meditation does me.” What does this mean? It means I Am shamanic, I Am meditative. I participate in these two communities to celebrate I AM: Internal Truth with external activities.

In the hush
Amidst the noise 
Of humankind crying
And Mother Earth dying
Goddess is born.
Initiated at hand of divinity
On wings of ascending current
To be given and received as bride.
Goddess of Love
Circulate thy essence.
Goddess of fertility
Cultivate thy currents.
Nurture green again upon land
Of heart, mind and body.

This poems speaks to me of Goddess Initiation. This time with people in an urban park. Years ago alone in Dosewallips forests. Friend Carole has been inviting me to join her in activities. She knows the art museums, parks, camp sites, restaurants, pubs, culture centers. As I have explored inner space she has explored local space. Yesterday’s trek with her at McCollom Pioneer Park was a highlight that I felt and thought of as Shamanic initiation—thanks to Serpent. Now, that this poem spoke, I know it as Goddess initiation. Maybe Goddess is the best term for the diversity in my life. I appreciate this new understanding that loops back where I started so many years ago—Goddess then to Goddess now with many additional layers and ley lines.

My ears communicated a rustling sound at my feet as I walked the Forest Trail with Carole. I looked down, saw a huge Garter snake and just about jumped out of my skin! This snake is not the normal garter snake. His presence, his substance, is profound. He slithered toward a mossy log and midway up lifted his upper body away from the log as if scanning for information. He continued to move while I videotaped the scene. (I can’t attach the tape here. It’s on my Facebook page.) Why “him” and not “her”? I learn now as I write: In those early Dosewallips days it was always about Her. Now He is part of my story that does reflect the grounding in body that I’ve been doing over the years. Snake stretched out over the green log soaking up the sun and then slithered along some more. I saw him flick his tongue, acknowledged him and said “thank you.” The vibrant green of new plant life at this park was mesmerizing. Welcome Spring! Welcome Goddess!

I woke up at midnight and noticed my basket of fir needles next to my futon. I like the taste of fir and pine needles (must be why I like gin tonics) and dry them for tea. I had put the basket near my bed weeks ago to enjoy the fir fragrance. If I can’t sleep out under trees I can bring them inside! That basket at midnight contained a coiled serpent! He came home with me! This knowing was familiar. Years ago on the Fourth of July trail at Icicle Creek I met a fairy amidst wildflowers who wanted to come home with me. Even after a conversation telling her about city life she chose to come home with me and then hung out on my shoulder. She tells me now that she is still with me. Emotional!! 

My brain doesn’t feel like meditating. It is saturated, full. I don’t feel like engaging on ZOOM. I follow feelings as if guided by the flicking of tongue. This letting go of the old, being in the moment and welcoming the new is an organic, natural process. Very Goddess.

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