Monthly Archive: March 2021

Orbital Connection

I finally have internet “server” as it had disappeared. Eager to update — after work, X-ray, after shopping for Easter goodies and castor oil. My “big brother” recommends it. I actually have a big brother in my orbit now! It’s like a new planet found in space!!

Insight/impression: This “new planet” brings its orbit of peace, love, tranquility. It’s effect will be felt on Earth. Reminds me of the crystal blue eyes I saw in meditation. I know Plaeidians have bright blue eyes! Maybe more people will be seeing and hearing from this galactic brotherhood. ( I had to listen for the right word and tried a couple—brotherhood works. Yes, our personal lives and relationship systems mirror those further out. One design—One family.

Cushion of Light

Went to a chiropractor yesterday who mentioned “attunement” and when I asked about it I learned he was part of Emissaries of Divine Light and that we know some of the same people. Small world. I used to avoid Docs but I am now interested in learning what they have to teach. After his body work I needed sleep.

My knee is now pin pointing its tight burn as ligament. I may get an X-ray. I healed my injured tailbone and back from a sudden fall with Angelic/Light Being support. With Angels and meditation I heal my knee though this injury has been long-term rather than sudden. There is a lot wrapped up in this knee to contemplate. Patience is required as I thought it would be healed by now.

My knee asked for “cushion” in order to receive and be malleable. With this came images (intuition) of sun flares hitting Gaia and that she needs this cushion of support (logic). Light energy cushions matter. I will focus on this.

Brother like friend suggested wrapping knee in.castor oil. Will give that a try as well. Angles of Love received.

Propulsion System

Dr. Joe Dispenza Global Coherence Meditation hosted by JT

psychedelic juices flowing at 6:59–DMT in the brain? Saw a multi-colored psychedelic wheel. Then a rotation. Process grief in silence, alone—not on a battlefield. Feel tight bands in knee reminds me of my favorite Job passage: “Canst thou loosen the bands of Orion.” Head stays “fixed” and body moves. Head levitates with bobbles. See a skull, draw it. Similar to the doe face I drew in yesterday’s meditation. I notice the large eyes in skull. Head becomes spacecraft. Tilt my head left and spacecraft tilts / — tilt my head right and spacecraft goes \ . I am in spacecraft. Silver panel with tech gadgets. I stand in front of screen. Joe’s words are being broadcasted “…cooperation, unity… radiate this energy.” A propulsion system.


  1. the action of driving or pushing forward.”they dive and use their wings for propulsion under water”


Sat to do Pineal Meditation just now and brain body put the brakes on. Instead I went into a meditative state with stillness. Don’t want external words right now. A lot is moving—heaven and hell—that phase of creative cycle where I am tossed in the spin of Dragon’s tail that cracks like a whip. I crack with it—I crack open.

I awoke with new clarity from yesterday’s turbulence. My injured knee is center of attention and tells its story. I thought it would be healed by now but it’s layers of release and relief are still holding stories that need to be heard.

Yesterday’s high point (Heaven) of inner mystical experience and GOLOV community conversation was followed by low points (Hell) with me being slammed on the shore. My knee has taken those hits throughout my life and it took me into those dark underwater caverns. “Release and fill in the space” said my friend as she gave me instruction for Pranic Healing.

Right knee has gone through many symptoms of discomfort in an unlayering process with expansion and contraction. A subconscious massage!! At one point yesterday I was back in Oxford, England in that frozen water of paralysis. Energy went into my knee and twisted, extracted something. Knees that hold me upright, knees that flex when needed, knees that move me, knees as one part of a whole system of support and balanced function.

Yesterday I wrote “sex is not love.” This came in trance so I listen, hear and respond. My injured right knee (masculine side of body) signifies healing issues with men. Sex has been one of those issues. Sex that tried to replace Soul out of ignorance—in the lowest survival zone.

My knee is much better today. I want to be active but I need to do more internal processing—under trees, in the woods, harvesting nettle. Drinking nettle infusion is knitting my knee in/with renewal. Thank you Gaia, thank you, thank you !!

Rainbow Body

3/27 GOLOVE Meditation (notes taken while in trance)

Rays of Light. Rainbow Light Wheel. Ezekiel’s wheel. Disc spews energy colors—E/W emphasis outward. Color wheel. Endocrine excretions.

I Am Bliss song: See a broad horizontal band—radio wave. Then N/S broad channel, beam. Gentle face, V in shape—doe like.

Sex is not Love. Break the spell with new excretion. Plasma wall of separation is stuck energy. Heart/throat—Angel Wing—expression here now. Rainbow Light streams downward from N/E.

Very end: two crystal blue eyes with bright yellow center. I ask, “Who are you?”

To my delight GOLOV participants had a discussion afterward. A woman is familiar with yellow eyes as “other worldly.” My word was “galactic.” I learn there are other groups talking about the mystical. Makes me wonder if I need a Mystical Songlines group. I have to decide the next step since the current structure did not hold. I prefer not to have to deal with ZOOM technology. Trance state is much easier—fluid. Of course, I can learn!

Image in green is similar to the wheel in meditation except it had rainbow colors.

Light Headed

3/25 GOLOV Meditation

I’d like to bottle these Light photons that swim in my brain floating me through saturation. I would then pour them in Earths’ waters. That way people would feel as relaxed (not bliss) as I do now: Anchored, pinned to Light.


“Ledge” at top of head is bridge of nose that feels pressure during meditation. I hear “spinal fluid” from the community and apply it to experience. The dark liquid pool in North excretes its drip, drip of life substance down and around chakras and endocrine glands. The Philosophers Stone enlivens spiritual substance to move in chemical and physical body. Just reminded that I saw a green Dragon laying next to an oblong egg representing brain. New brain—new chemistry—new body. A healing time moving into increasing whole some ness.

Pineal, pituitary, thyroid dripping radiance as healing proceeds. Spinal fluid outlined in blue.

Meditation Comedy

3/23. GOLOV Meditation

A recent fast affected meditation in that body was more still. Maybe less emotional until—somewhere in the meditation—I am at the top of my brain in a pool with that recurring ledge and dark liquid. It is dark above, below and all around. Reminding me of a sensory deprivation tank. Then I saw myself flapping, belly up, in the water—like a happy seal. It was so funny !! Where do these images come from, anyway? Was someone trying to cheer me up? I had just walked in from work and had little outgoing energy. This image of myself floating shifted that.

During the final song I Am Bliss I sense an energetic presence come into my field. I see his face with dark beard. He is powerful energetically and I am moved—pulled downward out of body. I ask about him. Is it Jesus? I get “Hebrew.” I have to look that up.

I asked to be a “receiver” during an upcoming GOLOV meditation as I am making all things in myself new. It’s very odd to be receiving love from people. I am more familiar receiving love from my mystical friends in other realms. That must sound very odd. I think it means that people don’t really know me. My mystical friends do. “I see you” — hah, in last week’s meditation a face was peering just above mind’s eye, as if looking in to see what was happening. Very dark eyes.


Lots of pressure on people and planet. I hear this in my women’s herbal group and family. I see it as development turns green landscape to grey concrete. Will they/it explode or find a safety valve? I don’t find many images of a two-headed or two-eyed Rainbow Serpent—One coiling life-giving system providing equilibrium.

Control Switch

3/21 Global Coherence Meditation

Sitting on that circular N/E ledge of orb/sphere with feet dangling and swaying—happy feet! I look up into dark void—stars shine. I hear Dr Joe’s words: “Invest your energy into the unknown.”

The circular ledge is a control switch. Like window blinds I turn the wand and the slats (lens) adjust. I can focus the panel of lens upward into the void or downward into Earth. This panel represents a polarity shift unlike past chapters on Earth. This shift includes Light Consciousness thanks to Angel-Humans.

The N/E circular ledge is collar bone. Head is above the large sphere, body below. Neck, collar at play NOW—always evolving. I notice Dr Joe’s words match the images streaming from my consciousness. I am deeply moved by this meditation and this man with open mind and heart. Love pours forth into the known and unknown.

Control Switch: “In electrical engineering, a manual switch with two or more positions for closing and opening electrical control circuits. They are usually mounted on control boards and panels and are used in automatic and remote-control systems.”

Pineal and Pituitary are working parts of one whole system that includes—emotion !!