Sweet Spot

2/27 GOLOV Meditation

The first song comes through as very feminine. I see women across space/time dancing with misty chiffon-like scarves (maybe those white chords from previous meditation only more masculine in energy?) “Scarves waving in wind currents—whispers of Mother.” I write to release.

Rattle wants to help me ground energy and raise it during I Am Bliss song so I get my turtle rattle.

I observe mental mind chatter as a gear. Comical! Gears generate energy. “Two hearts” one inside the other appear side by side as gears, heart gears.

I see half dome W/N/E with Light Beings linking across that arcing line. A Conscious gear. Receiver to Giver as energy shifts. I see half dome again with me at N giving. Emotion rises up. I track the energy in throat and back track to heart. I am one, in synch, with the energy lines of this Earth body. I write to release, to ground.

I Am inside brain chamber. A spider at the center of her web—the Sweet spot! Substantial presence and clarity. Pineal and Pituitary resonance, the Sacred marriage within. Brain chamber as wedding chamber. I hear DJD words “the love in your heart, it’s a new heart.”

Jesus face appears, dim at first then clear. We hang out in space. He walks away holding hands with a trail of children. Do I mention this to the group? The chit-chat says no.

such a holy and sacred meditation !!

When I woke up this morning I thought about finding a shamanic group where I could create sacred space with rattling and calling in directions and elements. My Mystical Songlines group is not developing along these lines as people want to chat. They are unfamiliar with shamanic ways and I am unfamiliar with chit-chat—but am learning it. So, today when rattle called to me I was elated. Maybe I don’t need another group. I learn as I go—in Earth and in Spirit.

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