Exquisite alchemical bonding with Nature, in space, with Masters creating a Quicksilver space of liquid Love.

I was immediately transported to the local valley where I spent a lot of time with Grandmother Cottonwood, Willow and Nettle. I was one with this valley—bonded! Exquisite oneness !!

I was traveling through dark space with a white “umbilical” chord associated with heart. Spreading it around—maybe it was attached to Earth is my thought now.

I love the Masters mentioned in song. I honor their presence and tonight they circled the planet. This Love is exquisite !!

Brain-neck-body so lucid like “liquid silver.” My neck needed support to contain the flow. Pressure of touch helps. Must be a grounding.

Is a particle to wave dance taking place? Is lead (body) being turned—not into gold—but into silver? (I don’t wear gold! I prefer silver. Never known why.) Is my Earth body turning into silver and back again. I easily go from one dimension to another. Maybe alchemy is going on!! It was quite a “womb” process tonight—Womb of Heart.

How does one contain such Love?? One doesn’t. It’s meant to circulate. Love is the breath of Life.

I cannot find an image for the quicksilver experience. I’ll know it when I see it !!

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