Throw in the Wrench

A hand was projected into my meditation space this morning. I recognized it as a foreign object. Other trickery as well. I ignore it as it bypasses my emotions and emotional field. My heart has new support !! Why do I think “stent”?

The five-year-old boy I nanny said to me, “I will shoot you in the face.” That did make a direct hit on my emotional heart space and I reacted with emotion telling him it was not okay to say that to me. He knows I don’t like fighting. His parents support it as do the parents of his friends at school. They play shooting games mirroring TV, video games, etc. I learned the family is going to have a game with dart guns. As I listen to their conversations I sense their association and role playing from past lives. Definitely Warriors, even Knights. These kids get mixed messages so maybe more logical explanation on my part and less emotion. I can do this now that I’m grounded in Earth body. Throwing in that wrench and hearing the gears grind to a halt!! Why am I seeing those connected Angel wings? It’s a—no—we are! a support system. I Love US !! And now to change the title of this story !!

And so the drama of violence goes round and round. Who or what feeds off these toxins? What virus? What demon? What devil? Who will put a wrench in these wheels of karma? Who will overcome the lethargy and ignorance of brainwashing? Who will breakthrough the invisible shield/barrier (illusion) with their own shield of Love (reality)? It’s a battle until a corner is turned into Light of Day.

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