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Happiness includes having food available for a nutritious meal. This requires new thoughtfulness around meal planning, grocery shopping and food prep. Now that I am eating consciously it’s new terrain. I was going to make Indian food last night but made pinto beans and Mexican cauliflower rice instead. This body is so happy to have it for breakfast soon with over easy eggs. I learn from Dr. Berg not to overcook the yolks. I love food that feeds my whole body with life force. And—I love this feeling of hunger that no longer brings up fear. And I love feeding that hunger without over feeding. Balance. Dominion. Contentment. E/W horizontal living.

Woke up thinking about the GOLOV experience yesterday. So many questions. What is my hand doing when feels pressure to respond? Is it acknowledging a presence in my field? Is this an attraction? Is attraction part of electromagnetism? Is contact attraction or radiation or both?

I really like the sensation of contact—contact defines relationship! (Do space brothers and sisters want contact?) I feel suspended and grounded at the same time. It’s a lighting up as body responds and radiates / radiates and responds. It’s a space of aliveness!

radiation, attraction, response, union, unified radiation (EDL training)

A rattle in hand as an extension of hand tracks energy (shamanic tracking) in response to an environmental presence. This tracking is done to clear a field of toxins that block the flow of life force. The other tracking that occurs when my hand reaches out in meditation is tracking Love lines—the expression of Life Force. Is tracking map making? Identifying relationships of Light?

Life is all about relationship !! We learn inner tracking to do outer tracking—the conscious marking of terrain.

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