Heart Exchange

1/23 GOLOV Meditation

My breathing held my attention as if speaking to me. It was circular. Moving counter clockwise up through head, around, down through body, around—again and again. Mouth was closed with this circuitry so nose was more involved compared to Pineal Breathing.

In response to the words “feel your connection to them” I saw lush green mountain tops. Since I was wearing my dancing UFO shirt I thought of them and their association with mountains. I almost mentioned this to the group since another woman saw mountains but I chose not to.

My right hand serves as receiver and transmitter of energy. My left hand is not as active. Perhaps it’s doing the grounding—if that makes any sense. Through my right hand I received impulses from the Masters who came through in past meditations. And I sent loving impulses in return. (“Impulse” may not be the correct term.)

At one point in the meditation my right hand reached out to touch the cheek of someone I care about. It happened “out of the blue” as if my body had a mind of its own! And then I felt my face feel flushed. What’s this about? I wondered. Am I blushing? Why would blood rush to my face when expressing affection? Observing, I found it comical. Then I hear meditative words “that’s your connection.” Indeed !!

Lately I’m seeing Angel wings connected to Angel wings. They wrap around me, extend from me. I draw them and they look like a wave. ~~~~~~~ Parts connected as one whole.

At the end of meditation two halves created one whole heart. “Heart Exchange” (perfect for Valentine month!).

This new field of Love definitely Lights Up My Life in expanded ways. I could have never imagined something so creative and meaningful.

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