Subtle Waves

Love—immersing in and as One field. N/S “feeding tube” expands S/W wings (of lens!) in and as One toroidal field. Dragons ride the Songline waves. I saw them riding above the waves when I awoke and am now reminded of the seahorses/dragons that rode the ocean waves in Encinitas (near Yogananda Temple) years ago. Subtle. In and as One subtle field. Earth yields in subtle Bliss. That “shock wave” sound barrier has been crossed leaving a debris field behind. NOW to stay humble in Life’s creative process flowing in and with subtle waves—as Dragon Riders.

Yesterday I gave my 16-year-old grandson a quartz Crystal for Valentine’s Day. I told him his hands emit rays of Light, to hold the crystal in his hands when he wants healing for himself or others and that his Third Eye helps him send Light. I instructed him to keep the crystal in his car and suitcase when he travels to different states to play basketball. He’s the only one in this family I’ve instructed this way though I did tell his sister that her words supported dark energy. I am working the cracks, the seams when/where I can. It’s a tightly enmeshed dark fabric like the dark fabric of our planet. Reminds me: Recently I saw meditators serving as crystals in a global web.

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