Earth Healing via New Lens

Thought I’d better record this before it gets lost in my River of Life. I was starting to respond online to a student of Dr Joe Dispenza who lives in Chicago and who was asking for healing support. I got called away and cannot find him again.

I was about to ask him what natural landmarks and waterways were in his area and saw that I was to do shamanic tracking the way rattle did in the UK recently. This is totally “out of the blue.” Maybe this Earth connection is what “Songlines” is about.

A new cycle of energy opened today. I felt it when I woke up. This adds inspirational information to the cycle. What’s the difference between information and inspirational information? The difference is “lift!”

Driving my car is meditative in that I have to sit still! Driving home from Tacoma I looked out at the landscape—with new lens. It’s been showing up in meditation as a sense of contentment and has dimension like an expanded and shallow W/N/E arc. It showed up tonight extended horizontal landscape. It’s like viewing Earth from a spaceship and outer space.

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