Thoughts keep circulating at 2:00 am so I will release them to get some sleep. I started a Mystical Songlines group associated with GOLOV to create a space for conversation about mystical experiences. The first meeting with a couple people revealed that my rattle wanted to be included. That was a surprise— it had been idle for years. And I was to protect the circle with honoring the Four Directions. As I discovered and shared what this sacred space meant for me I saw how others respond. This feedback loop, or lack thereof, set my path. It’s like pushing the envelope one way or another and seeing what moves. I learned that people want to know what I “plan” to do with the group. I had the same experience with Transition Woodinville. People want top down management rather than being in a circle where each one contributes in the moment. This creative Feminine Process is unfamiliar to people. In it there seems to be a time for listening, watching and a time for action. Yesterday, I took that action and decided to announce the group to a larger community. I will rattle and I will protect sacred space. It’s now who I Am. I am not attached to where it leads. I am attached to rattle—as discovered!

The 87-year-old woman in the apartment next to me died suddenly yesterday in a pool of blood from a leg wound reminding me of my client who walked into the house one afternoon with a shoe full of blood. He had gashed it on the riding mower and could not feel the injury. I wrapped towels around the wound wondering how I would get him to the doctor when it hit me to call 911! What a relief to have this support! I had my annual doc appointment with results of low blood pressure and “somewhat abnormal” kidneys. I am told to drink more water! What’s with all this blood? Blood circulated by heart through a network that defies gravity (unless you have spider veins). In Emissaries of Divine Light we talked about water as Truth. That is good medicine! I am working on that as I watch my self-talk and face the fact that I now eat foods that support my Light Body. It feels like there’s been a leech in the picture sucking the life blood of humans. It’s in our food, water, air, etc. It’s in our heart and mind. It’s in our planet! More reason to rattle and create sacred space.

I decided not to spend $$$$ on the shamanic class. I am saving for a new car and another meditation retreat later this year. (I don’t like debt.) I discovered that I have my own teaching and teachers associated with Light—and now, blood. Time to heal this substance that flows through Earth body and bodies.

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