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Goddess Flesh ~ A Prayer

Goddess was a powerful force early in my spiritual journey. She made me feel alive, as if She lived and breathed through me. Her elements were my elements and I came to know my own nature as Earth, Water, Air and Fire.

This flesh is Goddess flesh. This Earth is Goddess Earth. We share miles and miles of terrain, brought to life by invisible grids of energy. We share patterns and pathways sacred.

Energy vortexes of dancing light coil from crown to root and root to crown as Kundalini Serpent sets matter afire. Ignited glands—ovaries, adrenals, pancreas, heart, thyroid, pituitary and pineal circulate vital life force, generating core substance of who I am—creating my personal environment.

Pollutants of body—be gone! Pollutants of mind—be gone! Pollutants of heart —be gone! Let my fire burn clean and bright.

This flesh is Goddess flesh. This earth is Goddess earth. We share miles and miles of terrain, brought to life by invisible grids of energy. We share patterns and pathways sacred.

Energy vortexes of dancing light spiral from sun to earth and earth to sun as Kundalini Serpent sets matter afire. Ignited pathways—Stonehenge, Dragon Hill, Machu Picchu, Ayers Rock, the Great Pyramid, Grand Canyon, and Mt. Baker emit vital life force generating core substance of who She is—creating Her global environment.

Pollutants of earth—be gone! Pollutants of air—be gone! Pollutants of water—be gone! Let Her fire burn clean and bright.

S/He Dragon ~ How I Found My Wings Chapter 25

Sweet Spot

2/27 GOLOV Meditation

The first song comes through as very feminine. I see women across space/time dancing with misty chiffon-like scarves (maybe those white chords from previous meditation only more masculine in energy?) “Scarves waving in wind currents—whispers of Mother.” I write to release.

Rattle wants to help me ground energy and raise it during I Am Bliss song so I get my turtle rattle.

I observe mental mind chatter as a gear. Comical! Gears generate energy. “Two hearts” one inside the other appear side by side as gears, heart gears.

I see half dome W/N/E with Light Beings linking across that arcing line. A Conscious gear. Receiver to Giver as energy shifts. I see half dome again with me at N giving. Emotion rises up. I track the energy in throat and back track to heart. I am one, in synch, with the energy lines of this Earth body. I write to release, to ground.

I Am inside brain chamber. A spider at the center of her web—the Sweet spot! Substantial presence and clarity. Pineal and Pituitary resonance, the Sacred marriage within. Brain chamber as wedding chamber. I hear DJD words “the love in your heart, it’s a new heart.”

Jesus face appears, dim at first then clear. We hang out in space. He walks away holding hands with a trail of children. Do I mention this to the group? The chit-chat says no.

such a holy and sacred meditation !!

When I woke up this morning I thought about finding a shamanic group where I could create sacred space with rattling and calling in directions and elements. My Mystical Songlines group is not developing along these lines as people want to chat. They are unfamiliar with shamanic ways and I am unfamiliar with chit-chat—but am learning it. So, today when rattle called to me I was elated. Maybe I don’t need another group. I learn as I go—in Earth and in Spirit.


Exquisite alchemical bonding with Nature, in space, with Masters creating a Quicksilver space of liquid Love.

I was immediately transported to the local valley where I spent a lot of time with Grandmother Cottonwood, Willow and Nettle. I was one with this valley—bonded! Exquisite oneness !!

I was traveling through dark space with a white “umbilical” chord associated with heart. Spreading it around—maybe it was attached to Earth is my thought now.

I love the Masters mentioned in song. I honor their presence and tonight they circled the planet. This Love is exquisite !!

Brain-neck-body so lucid like “liquid silver.” My neck needed support to contain the flow. Pressure of touch helps. Must be a grounding.

Is a particle to wave dance taking place? Is lead (body) being turned—not into gold—but into silver? (I don’t wear gold! I prefer silver. Never known why.) Is my Earth body turning into silver and back again. I easily go from one dimension to another. Maybe alchemy is going on!! It was quite a “womb” process tonight—Womb of Heart.

How does one contain such Love?? One doesn’t. It’s meant to circulate. Love is the breath of Life.

I cannot find an image for the quicksilver experience. I’ll know it when I see it !!

Throw in the Wrench

A hand was projected into my meditation space this morning. I recognized it as a foreign object. Other trickery as well. I ignore it as it bypasses my emotions and emotional field. My heart has new support !! Why do I think “stent”?

The five-year-old boy I nanny said to me, “I will shoot you in the face.” That did make a direct hit on my emotional heart space and I reacted with emotion telling him it was not okay to say that to me. He knows I don’t like fighting. His parents support it as do the parents of his friends at school. They play shooting games mirroring TV, video games, etc. I learned the family is going to have a game with dart guns. As I listen to their conversations I sense their association and role playing from past lives. Definitely Warriors, even Knights. These kids get mixed messages so maybe more logical explanation on my part and less emotion. I can do this now that I’m grounded in Earth body. Throwing in that wrench and hearing the gears grind to a halt!! Why am I seeing those connected Angel wings? It’s a—no—we are! a support system. I Love US !! And now to change the title of this story !!

And so the drama of violence goes round and round. Who or what feeds off these toxins? What virus? What demon? What devil? Who will put a wrench in these wheels of karma? Who will overcome the lethargy and ignorance of brainwashing? Who will breakthrough the invisible shield/barrier (illusion) with their own shield of Love (reality)? It’s a battle until a corner is turned into Light of Day.

life force

Happiness includes having food available for a nutritious meal. This requires new thoughtfulness around meal planning, grocery shopping and food prep. Now that I am eating consciously it’s new terrain. I was going to make Indian food last night but made pinto beans and Mexican cauliflower rice instead. This body is so happy to have it for breakfast soon with over easy eggs. I learn from Dr. Berg not to overcook the yolks. I love food that feeds my whole body with life force. And—I love this feeling of hunger that no longer brings up fear. And I love feeding that hunger without over feeding. Balance. Dominion. Contentment. E/W horizontal living.

Woke up thinking about the GOLOV experience yesterday. So many questions. What is my hand doing when feels pressure to respond? Is it acknowledging a presence in my field? Is this an attraction? Is attraction part of electromagnetism? Is contact attraction or radiation or both?

I really like the sensation of contact—contact defines relationship! (Do space brothers and sisters want contact?) I feel suspended and grounded at the same time. It’s a lighting up as body responds and radiates / radiates and responds. It’s a space of aliveness!

radiation, attraction, response, union, unified radiation (EDL training)

A rattle in hand as an extension of hand tracks energy (shamanic tracking) in response to an environmental presence. This tracking is done to clear a field of toxins that block the flow of life force. The other tracking that occurs when my hand reaches out in meditation is tracking Love lines—the expression of Life Force. Is tracking map making? Identifying relationships of Light?

Life is all about relationship !! We learn inner tracking to do outer tracking—the conscious marking of terrain.

Heart Exchange

1/23 GOLOV Meditation

My breathing held my attention as if speaking to me. It was circular. Moving counter clockwise up through head, around, down through body, around—again and again. Mouth was closed with this circuitry so nose was more involved compared to Pineal Breathing.

In response to the words “feel your connection to them” I saw lush green mountain tops. Since I was wearing my dancing UFO shirt I thought of them and their association with mountains. I almost mentioned this to the group since another woman saw mountains but I chose not to.

My right hand serves as receiver and transmitter of energy. My left hand is not as active. Perhaps it’s doing the grounding—if that makes any sense. Through my right hand I received impulses from the Masters who came through in past meditations. And I sent loving impulses in return. (“Impulse” may not be the correct term.)

At one point in the meditation my right hand reached out to touch the cheek of someone I care about. It happened “out of the blue” as if my body had a mind of its own! And then I felt my face feel flushed. What’s this about? I wondered. Am I blushing? Why would blood rush to my face when expressing affection? Observing, I found it comical. Then I hear meditative words “that’s your connection.” Indeed !!

Lately I’m seeing Angel wings connected to Angel wings. They wrap around me, extend from me. I draw them and they look like a wave. ~~~~~~~ Parts connected as one whole.

At the end of meditation two halves created one whole heart. “Heart Exchange” (perfect for Valentine month!).

This new field of Love definitely Lights Up My Life in expanded ways. I could have never imagined something so creative and meaningful.

Subtle Waves

Love—immersing in and as One field. N/S “feeding tube” expands S/W wings (of lens!) in and as One toroidal field. Dragons ride the Songline waves. I saw them riding above the waves when I awoke and am now reminded of the seahorses/dragons that rode the ocean waves in Encinitas (near Yogananda Temple) years ago. Subtle. In and as One subtle field. Earth yields in subtle Bliss. That “shock wave” sound barrier has been crossed leaving a debris field behind. NOW to stay humble in Life’s creative process flowing in and with subtle waves—as Dragon Riders.

Yesterday I gave my 16-year-old grandson a quartz Crystal for Valentine’s Day. I told him his hands emit rays of Light, to hold the crystal in his hands when he wants healing for himself or others and that his Third Eye helps him send Light. I instructed him to keep the crystal in his car and suitcase when he travels to different states to play basketball. He’s the only one in this family I’ve instructed this way though I did tell his sister that her words supported dark energy. I am working the cracks, the seams when/where I can. It’s a tightly enmeshed dark fabric like the dark fabric of our planet. Reminds me: Recently I saw meditators serving as crystals in a global web.

Earth Healing via New Lens

Thought I’d better record this before it gets lost in my River of Life. I was starting to respond online to a student of Dr Joe Dispenza who lives in Chicago and who was asking for healing support. I got called away and cannot find him again.

I was about to ask him what natural landmarks and waterways were in his area and saw that I was to do shamanic tracking the way rattle did in the UK recently. This is totally “out of the blue.” Maybe this Earth connection is what “Songlines” is about.

A new cycle of energy opened today. I felt it when I woke up. This adds inspirational information to the cycle. What’s the difference between information and inspirational information? The difference is “lift!”

Driving my car is meditative in that I have to sit still! Driving home from Tacoma I looked out at the landscape—with new lens. It’s been showing up in meditation as a sense of contentment and has dimension like an expanded and shallow W/N/E arc. It showed up tonight extended horizontal landscape. It’s like viewing Earth from a spaceship and outer space.


Thoughts keep circulating at 2:00 am so I will release them to get some sleep. I started a Mystical Songlines group associated with GOLOV to create a space for conversation about mystical experiences. The first meeting with a couple people revealed that my rattle wanted to be included. That was a surprise— it had been idle for years. And I was to protect the circle with honoring the Four Directions. As I discovered and shared what this sacred space meant for me I saw how others respond. This feedback loop, or lack thereof, set my path. It’s like pushing the envelope one way or another and seeing what moves. I learned that people want to know what I “plan” to do with the group. I had the same experience with Transition Woodinville. People want top down management rather than being in a circle where each one contributes in the moment. This creative Feminine Process is unfamiliar to people. In it there seems to be a time for listening, watching and a time for action. Yesterday, I took that action and decided to announce the group to a larger community. I will rattle and I will protect sacred space. It’s now who I Am. I am not attached to where it leads. I am attached to rattle—as discovered!

The 87-year-old woman in the apartment next to me died suddenly yesterday in a pool of blood from a leg wound reminding me of my client who walked into the house one afternoon with a shoe full of blood. He had gashed it on the riding mower and could not feel the injury. I wrapped towels around the wound wondering how I would get him to the doctor when it hit me to call 911! What a relief to have this support! I had my annual doc appointment with results of low blood pressure and “somewhat abnormal” kidneys. I am told to drink more water! What’s with all this blood? Blood circulated by heart through a network that defies gravity (unless you have spider veins). In Emissaries of Divine Light we talked about water as Truth. That is good medicine! I am working on that as I watch my self-talk and face the fact that I now eat foods that support my Light Body. It feels like there’s been a leech in the picture sucking the life blood of humans. It’s in our food, water, air, etc. It’s in our heart and mind. It’s in our planet! More reason to rattle and create sacred space.

I decided not to spend $$$$ on the shamanic class. I am saving for a new car and another meditation retreat later this year. (I don’t like debt.) I discovered that I have my own teaching and teachers associated with Light—and now, blood. Time to heal this substance that flows through Earth body and bodies.