Jesus & Valves of Love

A familiar face appeared in GOLOV meditation just now. An innocent face, youthful. We started to do healing work with white threads. We focused on nature—not people. I then remembered him from the summer field of Queen Anne’s Lace at Dragon’s Gate Garden. “Toolius” his name—before I forget.

During Dr. Joe’s second meditation Jesus came in at my right shoulder full and tall in stature. My thoughts went back to Sunday School and how mesmerized I was by his stories of healing. I asked for support with peace on Earth and in people. I asked to be of service. I got right away that I am to have a picture of Jesus in my home space. What about Yogananda and Krishnamurti? Looks like I will create a collage of Masters who have and do visit me. At least ones I am conscious of. Seeing Jesus is nothing I had expected—but then I don’t have expectations living NOW.

I kept working with valves; opening valves. The Pineal Gland has “valves” that download Light. Earth Mother must have the same. May Light of Love flow through.

Looking for the right picture of Jesus I thought that the nature spirit face could be Jesus as a youth. Not sure but will write it. No picture of Jesus standing in full robes of Earth tones. This portrait is one I know from childhood. I still have my little New Testament from Sunday School. I love seeing Jesus with young children !! I share that Love.

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