Feedback Loops

Seems to be more space in my space and I am seeing more. I think it’s self-reflection. I like feedback loops of relationship within myself (wheels of superconscious, conscious, subconscious, unconscious as as one system) and with others.

This morning as I was responding, giving feedback, to a couple of people via YouTube I noticed that my mind was blank. I had nothing to say. Then I softened and shifted gears. I let words come through Dragon Speak, a “negative” space. Where is that input/output in my brain? Where is that plug in or those plug ins?

Yesterday at work I added space/distance in an environmental relationship. This meant I had to be conscious of, wrap around, my attitude thoughts and nerves. Detachment through self-reflection seems to be an effect in spatial relationship! I am giving myself and others more space. I think that means more loving intelligence is in motion.

I planted a seed to take action for peace. But I am not acting on it. So, I watch the seed. I am its immediate environment but I am and it is connected to other environments. Maybe when there is alignment I will, body will, act. I am not attached in a conditional way although there is an umbilical cord or electromagnetic current of Love that is unconditional!

The protests in DC could have been much worse. Watching the mob scenes I was aware of Angelic presence. Hearing politicians speak I was aware of Angelic presence. By tuning in I support Angelic presence. I support an Angelic feedback loop system.

I deleted a thread that I had started on a FB community page. It focused on the negative—my use of loud emotion to change my environment. I learned that people have opinions, judgments, reactions to negative emotion. Seems not many can relate to this alchemy of trusting one’s emotional response. I value emotions, feelings that move through this body. All of them because I have done a lot of inner work to raise their vibration. I continue to do that work within and in my daily life.

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