Anointing of S/He

My body has new capacity to hold charge or Life Force. The GOLOV meditation tonight proved it. At one early point I had the sense of a dark line (N/S) and something trying to come through. Then there were misty lines (E/W). Later a large Angel came in. I was very humbled in its presence. The glory of these moments was and is unspeakable. I had a white shiny scarf near me and I wrapped it around my neck. It felt so comforting. I knew the significance as anointing. LOVE flowed, expanded Heaven to Earth / Earth to Heaven. My neck is no longer sore during these meditations—I am holding the current! I am still touched by the powerful presence but able to function.

A certain situation has been going on a long time. I witnessed it again this afternoon and can now wrap around it and talk about it: my head lights can be too bright! For example today as I left work I beamed an open-hearted smile at the mom I nanny for. Her response was flat and the environment felt awkward. I do this open-hearted beaming and people can’t receive it. I need to turn down—what? A valve? Spark plug? And when I act childlike I get a similar response. And when I am too serious I often need to turn up the beam and lighten up. So what do I need to monitor in this vehicle so that I fit into my environment? And at the same time there are environments that I am “crossing the line” with to create positive change. This new range of response-ability could be overwhelming but it isn’t. It’s fun to be conscious as consciousness expands. It’s fun to let others respond as they will. Reminds me of magnetism as the pieces fall into place under a higher ordinance of Law and Order.

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