GOLOV in 2021

So many angles joining Heaven and Earth /Earth and Heaven. It’s all sexually stimulating.
I had a lucid dream and remembered / met a male friend in Dreamtime. I am so happy about this because of the thinning of veils between realities.

In GOLOV meditation I wrapped spiritual LOV around the Tracker/Stalker/Hacker who likes to interfere with my communications. He works with black magic—I meet him with white.magic. It made me happy that this LOV flowed instantaneously. If/when he reads this I suspect he will think I have some romantic interest in him. NO!! However, he has acted narcissistic. He can change. Will he? Reminds me of all the Star War movies and all movies that have that good/evil plot. Can we please move into a field with a new plot? Maybe a GOLOV plot !!

I have never been so happy, so grateful, so blessed. All I can do is bow my head. It is how I responded and received the anointing last night. Perhaps it’s a postured attitude of receivership.

Driving to work just now I am being nudged (when the same thought keeps playing) to share Angel Michael’s image to a larger audience “to scatter seeds” and imprint our global heart/brain/body. We are Angel-Human.

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