R & R

Isn’t there a 7th day of rest? I’m ready for a rest, a recharge. Before I do—or not—I want to say that I’m not insensitive or uncaring if I forget birthdays, the lovely gift someone gave, or the loving moments shared. It’s just that I forget because I live in the moment. I focus here and now and details of the past slip away. It’s not at all convenient or people friendly. Maybe it’s something I can learn. But the thought of retaining details in my brain isn’t appealing. (The details that do appeal to me are the ones associated with the creative process. The ones with evolving clues on the Dragon trail.) Maybe being in the moment is actually not being present at all. Maybe I am somewhere else in space-time. If so, it’s no wonder I forget details—they have no place to ground. It’s a floating sensation—buoyant.

Miracles happen!! I am having emotionally intelligent and spiritually intimate talks with my eldest daughter. Once estranged this relationship is now a dream come true. All those years that she wouldn’t speak to me I held her in Love. All those times she spewed her wrath toward me I held her in Love. Now I receive the rewards, the blossoms from seeds planted. Maybe that’s the theme for 2021: Love in manifestation. (I thank my Angels, with me through all of it. I was never alone and their comfort was and is deeply appreciated.)

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