Soular System

Looking out into my Soular System with its orbs and thus orbital relations/relationships I see our common DNA as Soul and that we’ve gone around together since eternity (a word I don’t grok) and prefer to say yesterday, today and tomorrow (I can wrap around that).

One orb comes in close and it can get hot because of the higher Love we know/generate. When he leaves and it’s cold I am no longer feeling abandoned! And that is because I am no longer enmeshed (co-dependence) by finding and expressing my own empowerment (interdependence). Also because I have other orbs in my field that take up the slack. Not at the same temperature/passion but in the way of “gravitational pull” that keeps me buoyant. (I don’t know this with Beta Mind, it’s coming through instinctually, intuitively).

Another orb is complex with many parts. This unit is dark and being pulled deeper into a black hole. I want to intervene which means I will speak with more authority, more Truth. And that means I have to shine brighter and not hold back. Is this why I am becoming a generator of electricity and being conscious of it?

Another orb is comforting/soothing. Another is warm. Another is fun. Another is helpful. Etc. I have a vast system of orbs in my dance through space.

And then there is another level of orbital movement that is a global family. I have to consider in this moment how that feels and looks. It’s like another zone, dimension, galaxy.

This is a lot to hold. And I’m happy to identify the parts that I love. May our One Love increase and have a positive effect on the larger whole.

After completing this picture another one comes in: There is resistance to speaking out as I feel a thick toxic layer in place. It’s that dark hole that I must face and dismember or it has me too—in my silence. It’s a specific family line that I will interfere with. It’s DNA cellular. I already know it’s presence. I already know it’s intention. I already know it’s agenda. I already know it’s gravity. I already know it’s name. I feel Michael’s golden sword in right hand. Arcturian Michael. One Soul many bodies, many orbs.

I am told I have been and am doing this healing work internally and with this orb. How it unfolds is a moment by moment knowing. I am not to get ahead of myself. Others have their own response-ability, their own choice.

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