Sockets for LOV

GOLOV 1/2/2021. Two incoming pink rays beam in front of me. I receive with open hands. I look at the pictures of GOLOV receivers and see a light beam curvature with each one. I realize that when whole and healthy each one holds a beam of light on a grand circuit board. The word “socket” came through. I look up the definition:

A socket is a device or point in a wall where you can connect electrical equipment to the power supply.

So are Earthlings sockets holding energy flow and allowing energy to flow? Where is the magnetic part? How does that fit into this picture. Is it produced by electricity? This image and the whole system includes grounding and seems associated with my experience of contentment as I feel beams or lines holding me. Are these my beams? I sense them coming in rather than going out. Input, output.

Magnetism is associated with magnetic North. So magnetism is a shape maker giving shape to arcs, circles—orbs! Electricity runs through the shapes. What a wonderful partnership of electro-magnetism! I know this understanding is just getting started. So I stay tuned !!

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