Monthly Archive: January 2021

Geode Veins

Driving to work I experienced—touched into—another Geode vein or layer. It happened via my eyes and my heart. While driving I was looking down a side road and a wave of memory rose of all the previous moments driving and feeling contentment and wel-being. It’s a very sweet looping experience and is causing me to have more discernment in my current feelings, thoughts, words and actions in order to re-create the same sweetness in this NOW.

What is this vein, this layer? Is it subconscious, unconscious, or superconscious? It definitely has a tone and hue. I know it has to do with being comfortable, at home, in my skin. It is New Earth creating New Earth.


Woke up to these words “many lines, one lens”

I think my “cold-blooded” and fiery ways reveal I am more Dragon than Human. I do know that this Dragon is a happy one.

My viewpoint has shifted with focus on the whole more than the parts.
(not sure what any of this means)


GOLOV is focused on healing people and animals. I am focused on healing Gaia. It’s a different angle with the same intent and purpose. All parts of One whole system of intelligent Love.

hours later: Wow! I just got (telepathically) a blast of negativity from someone I know. I have heard the tone before (in person) and it is snobbish, judgmental. I am definitely connected to this person—for now.

Metamorphic Rock & Metamorphosis

I remembered images and sensations from my GOLOV meditation last night. The song Be Still (?) helped me go deep. Split-second memories came to mind of moments in my life: people, places, groups, etc. They seemed etched in stone and revealed themselves as a “life review.” Instead of negative memories and their accompanying lessons (which happens when we pass over) these memories were like gems and emitted a harmonic vibe. Very subtle and sweet. This karma of Light from the Earth of my past was a gift, a blessing. I thought of rocks and their structure. Metamorphic rock seems to fit but the memories stood out, spoke out, shined forth. So I need rock that has sparkling bits. Makes me wonder: Do experiences live in our cells, our tissue?

In a very odd emotional space today: blue, melancholy, sad. I think it has to do with matter breaking down/breaking up. How many snake skins have I shed? So very many. How many cycles have come and gone? So very many. Transmutation is a loss as well as a win. Maybe I feel overwhelmed by it all. I feel the feelings fully. I do not “should” or “could” my emotions. I let them move through and write about the lessons when the weather has cleared. Now I am writing and acknowledging as it is moving through.

Rocks with gems inside are Geodes !!

Chemical Bonding

Divine Love creates bonds human to human., Neurobiology, Molecular Bonding

Next morning insights: White Light is the “glue” that holds matter together in harmonic wholesomeness/wholeness.

In this bonding experience I feel a loss—a void—which is good place from which to create something new.

Love & Beloved

An intense GOLOV meditation. Head and body connection is pressured by Light. Love matter to matter is divine. Love energy to energy is divine. The two, for me, seem to be different spaces in which to express One Love.

I had included an image of lovers that was deleted by, I am guessing, the WordPress system. That deletion was a perfect response to this next spiral of evolution.

Divine Love changes human love. Energy field changes matter. Here we grow again letting all things be made new.

Jesus & Valves of Love

A familiar face appeared in GOLOV meditation just now. An innocent face, youthful. We started to do healing work with white threads. We focused on nature—not people. I then remembered him from the summer field of Queen Anne’s Lace at Dragon’s Gate Garden. “Toolius” his name—before I forget.

During Dr. Joe’s second meditation Jesus came in at my right shoulder full and tall in stature. My thoughts went back to Sunday School and how mesmerized I was by his stories of healing. I asked for support with peace on Earth and in people. I asked to be of service. I got right away that I am to have a picture of Jesus in my home space. What about Yogananda and Krishnamurti? Looks like I will create a collage of Masters who have and do visit me. At least ones I am conscious of. Seeing Jesus is nothing I had expected—but then I don’t have expectations living NOW.

I kept working with valves; opening valves. The Pineal Gland has “valves” that download Light. Earth Mother must have the same. May Light of Love flow through.

Looking for the right picture of Jesus I thought that the nature spirit face could be Jesus as a youth. Not sure but will write it. No picture of Jesus standing in full robes of Earth tones. This portrait is one I know from childhood. I still have my little New Testament from Sunday School. I love seeing Jesus with young children !! I share that Love.

Fractals & Refraction

Seems as if my writing here has shifted and I focus more on details of a reflected life. Is reflection a shadow? [After writing this it looks like a refracted life with lines of different reality. So what is Truth in all this?]

I was trying to get some sleep but I kept seeing—the word just popped in—“fractals.” I was going to say “mirrors” and that I am seeing through a panel of mirrors. I let that go to get some sleep (this reflective writing is more personal) but then the word “refraction” came in so here I am writing—being guided through the bread crumbs of words.
XXXXX is what I see but vertical. Mirror within mirror; fractal within fractal.

Fractal — A fractal is a never-ending pattern. Fractals are infinitely complex patterns that are self-similar across different scales. They are created by repeating a simple process over and over in an ongoing feedback loop. Driven by recursion, fractals are images of dynamic systems – the pictures of Chaos. [Why Chaos? Why not Order?]

Refraction — the fact or phenomenon of light, radio waves, etc. being deflected in passing obliquely through the interface between one medium and another or through a medium of varying density. — change in direction of propagation of any wave as a result of its traveling at different speeds at different points along the wave front. — measurement of the focusing characteristics of an eye or eyes.

This refraction image and description is more helpful than any words. It shows two angles and two realities: Light and Shadow. Which, in any NOW moment is my Truth? The answer eliminates judgement, criticism, opinion, etc transcending Beta mind. I am using this guidance today and it is working fractalistically !!

How do words pop up like sprouting seeds in soil guiding one to the next puzzle piece of consciousness? I love gardening !! I love green fertility !! Green Love !’

Grounding Law & Order

As DOJ appointees speak Archangel Michael’s sword and swords are grounded in Earth. Unification is in process. Evolution is in process.

Crisis is always opportunity when open hearts and minds are present. I just saw a speaker smile! This is genuine response to opportunity.

Feedback Loops

Seems to be more space in my space and I am seeing more. I think it’s self-reflection. I like feedback loops of relationship within myself (wheels of superconscious, conscious, subconscious, unconscious as as one system) and with others.

This morning as I was responding, giving feedback, to a couple of people via YouTube I noticed that my mind was blank. I had nothing to say. Then I softened and shifted gears. I let words come through Dragon Speak, a “negative” space. Where is that input/output in my brain? Where is that plug in or those plug ins?

Yesterday at work I added space/distance in an environmental relationship. This meant I had to be conscious of, wrap around, my attitude thoughts and nerves. Detachment through self-reflection seems to be an effect in spatial relationship! I am giving myself and others more space. I think that means more loving intelligence is in motion.

I planted a seed to take action for peace. But I am not acting on it. So, I watch the seed. I am its immediate environment but I am and it is connected to other environments. Maybe when there is alignment I will, body will, act. I am not attached in a conditional way although there is an umbilical cord or electromagnetic current of Love that is unconditional!

The protests in DC could have been much worse. Watching the mob scenes I was aware of Angelic presence. Hearing politicians speak I was aware of Angelic presence. By tuning in I support Angelic presence. I support an Angelic feedback loop system.

I deleted a thread that I had started on a FB community page. It focused on the negative—my use of loud emotion to change my environment. I learned that people have opinions, judgments, reactions to negative emotion. Seems not many can relate to this alchemy of trusting one’s emotional response. I value emotions, feelings that move through this body. All of them because I have done a lot of inner work to raise their vibration. I continue to do that work within and in my daily life.