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Soil Calling of Spring

I am reversing course and in retrograde. It’s a bit of a whirl but I am setting my sights for clarity. The brown vines wrapping around my arms and neck are speaking and I ask them, “Why brown? Are you coming to life or are you dying?” They answer, “One follows the other.”

Earth is calling me. It’s a new relationship with new activity. Seeds are being planted for me (in the larger field) and I get to be part of this wholistic/organic process.

In meditation Earth calls me to plant seeds in soil—in community.

Earth Cycle

Yesterday with the help of three GOLOV midwives I gave birth to a ZOOM group. These women did not give up on me as I struggled with Zoom technology. Hearing an old pattern of self-criticism I think “I should’ve, could’ve” but I bypass younger years of embarrassing self-consciousness and accept the moment. I learn by doing.

Our group meeting was charged, hyper. I learned that we are all powerful and energized women. Maybe a few deep breaths at the beginning will help us center. Will see. The purpose of the group is to have a space for dialogue about the energies that move to us, through us, around us in our GOLOV meditations and in our lives. It’s fun to get to know one another. I landed on a name or maybe it landed on me: Mystical Songlines.

A new Earth cycle begins in Mercury Retrograde which doesn’t concern me at all. In fact we can give this cosmic turning wave of energy new meaning. We Love Mercury and all our cosmic partners in outer and inner space.

I need boundaries when it comes to food. I am now counting calories and discover I may not be getting enough nutrition. Boundaries give me and us Law and Order. Are “Songlines” boundaries marking certain fields?


I am impressed by community this morning as I respond to and communicate with several GOLOV friends. This Love, this energy exchange on Earth (matter to matter) is Divine and I feel emotional! I was answering Jai’s question and used the word “lineage”—Angels and Humans have lineage! How about that as a Song Line !!

This blessing is full-filling something I could not have imagined. Well, not true. It is MORE of the same Love, the same Truth, the same Life. Reminding me of Abraham and Esther who came to mind in GOLOV meditation last night. So dang much love—Esther is so fun !! Now that reminds me of Dr. Emoto and his images of emotional effects on water crystals. I would like to see the colors and shapes of “fun.”

My day has barely started and my heart is already over flowing. Tears of joy !!

Pressing into Matter

GOLOV Meditation 1/28

A quiet, tranquil meditation. One face appeared, seemed familiar. Very dark hair, wild. I thought “ogre” and was reminded of the fairy tale Billy Goat Gruff and the troll under the bridge. Near the end of the meditation I got “Aborigines” and asked for affirmation to which my head started bobbing up and down (that was new). Since I wasn’t receiving definite impressions (though I remember—a tall Arcturian stood behind me and it was more natural than surprising, which I am taking note of—I circulated Love while listening, watching. It was odd to be in a meditation void without the activity of previous meditations. Nothing was coming in to make impressions on my Earth. No song lines! What did make an impression was how real those song lines are—not made by mental mind but from the infinite Field.

There are sounds and lyrics in the two songs we listen to that are garbled. It’s like a smudged crystal that doesn’t shine clearly so I asked for that clarity. Others were having the same experience—how dissipating! Now we all have the lyrics and they are beautiful.

Deep peace to you.
Deep peace to you.
Deep peace of the running wave to you.
Deep peace of the flowing air to you.
Deep peace of the quiet earth to you.
Deep peace of the shining stars to you.
Deep peace of… Source: Musixmatch

I am interested in having an Aboriginal “pen pal.” Maybe to establish a “song line” North to South. Maybe read a book. Braiding Sweetgrass, perhaps; I read Mutant Messenger years ago. Not sure the duration of this interest. A lot comes in and then exits so I don’t get attached. I follow my feelings—my song lines !!

There is a desire to “press into” matter. My fields want to press into external matter. It’s a very natural desire for Union. Why? For the purpose of unified radiation. Is this what “song lines” are about.

Tracks on Earth radiate. Is it energy song + matter song = SONG? This is much more than “nomadic travel” on Earth. These song lines are portals.

Earth Lines, Song Lines

GOLOV Meditation 1/26

Subtle energies take shape. A heavy/sad emotional track associated with my life on Earth expands with my sister coming into focus. A sister who passed over a few weeks ago. A sister still in the process of crossing but holding on to toxic anger. I comfort and support her with the GOLOV song playing: “I surrender, I let go.” I sense Native American emotional tracks across the land. I focus healing energy through imagery and thought. The GOLOV song assists. I use my hands to emit energy (I wonder now if drum and rattle are substitutes for hands). “My Third Eye uses me!” (not sure what that means unless it means Light has a pattern of expression and my matter reflects/mirrors that pattern. does Light “use” matter?) Reading this upon conclusion I get “Light infuses Matter.”

The Rainbow Serpent whose image is in a frame on my living room wall wanted attention. It is a myth of Australia Aborigines, those who Walk About on Earth and in Dreamtime. My email signature (pattysonglines) was created many years ago in honor of Aboriginal ways. How about that for full circle looping?

This was an emotionally intense meditation session. Afterward my brain felt like it was in a pressurized grip. Sleep helped. I hope I can function today. Yesterday morning I couldn’t remember if I parked in the driveway or on the side of the driveway at the house where I nanny. I couldn’t even find the gear to take me into logic territory. I was in a void. This shift in consciousness is not practical for 3D reality. As a result I’ve had to tell my bosses a little about my mystical brain. Thankfully my job is heart centered.

Tracks of Earth memories are to be healed through energy release. Feel the heaviness, acknowledge it, release it and be done. Do not wade in the toxic debris with negative emotions, do not analyze it. Sing, drum, rattle, breathe to and for its ascension. Honor Shadow and Light.

I have now found a community (GOLOV) in which I can be my mystical self/Self. I wasn’t sure this was a reality in this lifetime but I kept doing the inner work (shining my light from speck to beam!) and it is now bearing fruit. Deep gratitude to the work of Dr. Joe Dispenza, a magnetic force to which many of us are drawn. I and we add to that force on Earth.

By: David Wroth, Japingka Gallery, 2015 

Songlines are one of the many aspects of Aboriginal culture that artists draw on for inspiration.  They are the long Creation story lines that cross the country and put all geographical and sacred sites into place in Aboriginal culture. For Aboriginal contemporary artists they are both inspiration and important cultural knowledge.


My oldest daughter had neck pain and could barely move for three days. Thankfully she didn’t go to a western doc. I told her it was a kundalini upgrade and similar to the experience I had in Oxford, England when I had a snap at the back of my neck and was paralyzed for three days. My neck has been on again, off again sore for months. It must be a critical “Dragon Line” for head and body.

The “eye of the needle” reminds me of the North pole of a bar magnet and the brain of a human body. North has unique power. Must be quite an upheaval when the poles shift.


GOLOV Meditation. 1/23

I was guided to put right hand over green rainforest transmitting energy—activating grids. Earth is the body I am currently working with. Others work to heal human bodies. It’s the same grid lines, different scale. Throat chakra opening with more communication to and from parts (including me!) within GOLOV community. So fun to see lines of connection activated in alignment and lighting up!!

This morning I listened to a Dr. Joe interview, Short Story Long #161. When he talked about circuitry in brain I, for the first time, experienced the meaning of “coherence.” It had not been real before—the word was flat and mental only—now I had a looping Geode experience that matched what he was describing. I lit up !!

I now have a human body. a friend, to wrap in healing energy. I will transmit using my turtle rattle (he is a shaman) and visualization. White Light healed me so I visualize and use White Light.

I could not get to sleep last night. I wondered why. What was the energy keeping me alert? I then remembered I had Indian chai tea at Rachna’s house at 3:00 pm. This is a reminder why I don’t ingest caffeine! This battery needs more than two hours of sleep!


My next “rabbit hole” or Dragon Cave

the geobiologist

Post 1. Loudspeaker Earth
A model of linear concentrations of ultra-low frequency Earth sounds that are made by spherical standing waves coming from the iron nickel inner core that is acting like a transducer.

Transducer: a device that converts variations in a physical quantity, such as pressure or brightness, into an electrical signal, or vice versa.

I don’t process this information with my left brain. I am intuiting this and following Dragon lines. It’s more inspiration than information for me and my right brain.

The human body is similar to the Earth body so as we evolve in consciousness there is more to learn, to know via experience and expression. Know Thyself, Know Creation.

CORRECTION: I am also using my masculine left brain. He supports my feminine intuitive right brain. They are a good team !! I sometimes have to apologize to him for slipping backwards into territory that is no longer my reality.


I am experiencing Enlightenment !!

That “eye of needle” experience with Masters parading through is how I know. How can this be when I have flaws and imperfections as a human self? I think it has to do with what I came on Earth to do—why I came to Earth. Angelic lines kept calling, laying the heart lines and I kept responding. It’s what makes me happy.

This new cycle has to do with ley lines—Dragon lines of Earth matter. A patch of land just appeared in mind’s eye as if it had a message. My response is to write this NOW and let the creative process unfold.

It’s comical that when I start to go downhill and negative I remember that I am enlightened now and quickly shift gears! I continue to refine this human self. I continue to discern Truth of Love. Enlightenment is a journey not a destination.

If this is true for me as part of the whole it is true for others. It is true of the whole. There is new work to do— work is love made visible on Earth.

As I am about to close this entry I get the impression, the message, which brings a smile because I know the Messenger: “Anchor the Sword of Truth into Earth. Claim Heaven on Earth. Be ye righteous.” (“Righteous” seems so stoic. It is not a word I would have chosen. Which is why I obey the messages.)

My heart is full and I could float away but I have tasks to do and people to see so I shift into gear. Loved ones on Earth keep me grounded and moving—as the circle expands.

Heart Values of Democracy

I have democratic values that include liberal and progressive values. Why is it so complex and divisive? Don’t they all flow together—for the good of the whole? So many angles of mental mind. Perhaps we are learning to meet at the center, in Heart. That is what yesterday’s Inauguration door opened for all global citizens. Though messy we free Americans, showed the world what the process of democracy looks like. We kept speaking Truth to Lies. We kept impeaching. We kept marching in the streets. We kept signing petitions. We kept sending donations. We kept on and a healing miracle occurred.

Begone toxic hate and supremacy! Begone Authoritarianism! Begone!! Truth of Love has room to expand as increasing Light shines through Angel-Humans. Be that Light as an individual, a town, a city, a state, a country, a planet—One ecosystem of Natural Law and Order. Natural as part of a larger whole— not ego separate from that whole.

Go forth contributing your unique ray of Light to a lovingly peaceful planet in an evolving Solar System.