Nose Knowing

I woke up happy and full of vitality. Lately I am jumping out of bed and raising my arms in a V with gratitude and welcome.

Morning meditation with Dr. Joe Dispenza video 2020 Guided Morning Meditation. Immediately I step into a round white space craft, my Arcturian companion at my side. White smooth leather like seats and shiny surfaces. I detect a distinct astringent aroma and ask. It is to purify and neutralize. I consider the aroma and it reminds me of childhood and the medicine mask when getting my tonsils removed. Then I remember the dream I had this same morning: a young woman approached me and dabbed a liquid potion under my nose and upper lip. She then danced in a Roaring 20’s kind of dress. I compared her youthful legs to my elder legs — observing and conscious of my time/space. I was jolted at this mutual support between Dreamtime and Meditation. Just remembered that when I detected the smell in the craft my upper brain, crown felt tightened or stretched. That was a new sensation. A lot is happening and I am ready for more “signs”of loving intelligence.

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