New Field, New Me

I love road trips—alone. It gives me opportunity to think and process circumstances regarding my Human Self. On a recent road trip I realized:

After returning from the Marco Island Meditation Retreat in early November I experienced a shift in relationships. One with a man I love where it felt like hitting a wall. The the other with food where I felt freed from a wall. What was a common thread in both relationships? I was too enmeshed!

Addictive food patterns let go of me! I had changed in vibration since the mystical retreat and now my life was aligning differently. I was and I am able to make new food choices. The relationship is more mysterious. I let go but he’s come back around. Now what?

Relationships can be dependent, co-dependent, independent, and interdependent. A Solar System is made up of interdependent parts so is that true of human relationships? Do I choose the one(s) close and the ones further out? Or do they choose? It’s definitely a Law of Attraction that revolves around response. Reminding me of this EDL teaching: Radiation, Attraction, Response, Union, Unified Radiation. All Solar Systems have this equation !! (Less sugar and flour helps me be more radiant. What people add to my radiance? What groups, what environments?)

Another “now what?” is that I am not enjoying meditations that have words. My brain doesn’t want logic. The only meditation working is GOLOV. That community resonance provides a chamber from which to see and BE out in the cosmic field. Is that a Solar System?

I am looking for music for meditation. Maybe life is my meditation. I am definitely on a new trajectory on this day of Grand Conjunction 2020.

May Light increase Through Earth, on Earth.

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