ET Love

5:30 am GOLOV 20 12/19/2020

The second song, Bliss (I Am the Light of My Soul) in our GOLOV meditation is powerful. It brings into my field of vision yogis (Yogananda) and Extraterrestrial beings. The music, voices and lyrics make my hands come alive and dance. It’s Light activating my Matter.

1st session: Hands dance. Fingers emit rainbow beams/threads. (This happened at the November Marco Island Meditation Retreat after a four hour meditation. My fingers danced to the music radiating rainbow beams around the room. It was childlike fun.) Today I extended the colorful beams through open space.

2nd session: An ET peeks up into my field of vision. His large black eyes peering. Seems shy. I reassure that she/he is welcome. This is a “Grey” different from last week’s visitor. He moves into full view and I ask if I can extend Love—does he know emotion? His response? He shows me his fingers.

My interpretation: Our Galactic family is coming in to meet us as we go out to meet them. We meet in the middle on rainbow frequency. Arcing love—“bridging” Love from last week’s visitation.

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