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I want to create a YouTube channel to hold my mystical stories. This reveals to me that a “relationship” has changed and needs a new container. What is that relationship? It’s the same one birthed when Angel Michael touched me with Light. It’s the same one now expanded in consciousness and living expression. It’s my Matter dancing with Light.

Instinct guides me. Joy enlivens me. Instinctual joy is my driving force. Not a new car, job, house or relationship. Nothing external drives me. I am my own driving force of Joy as Co-Creator and Creation. I want to sing it, dance it through my individuated creative expression.

I wish this inner fulfillment with it’s overflowing energy for every creation. I wish this expression for base elements of Water, Air, Earth and Fire. I wish this safe place for every mystical, multidimensional Elemental. It feels good to begin to articulate the change I’ve been going through. A change that feels orbital. Maybe I will talk about that one day on YouTube !! The creative process of consciousness is orbital—circular as in sacred geometry and “sacred dance” !! These last two words inserted into my brain and onto paper in a flash of Light. I always give credit for this instantaneous/instinctual download to my higher Sources of Love and Intelligence. Everyone can Plug In!! More food for a YouTube talk.

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    Interesting stuff!


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