Marco Island Meditation Retreat

Highlights Day#1: My housemate is Russian—enjoying her accent and organic meals! White vast beach with Watch Out for Snakes sign in the greenery. The sea is warm !! I stood with my back to the ocean and felt “chariots” of force in support. (Why my back and not my front?). I am using my arms a lot—they simply want to express. I gifted nature and re-membered/sang my Medicine Song. Warm here, realizing how I love the crisp and fresh NW.

Dr. Joe was entertaining, informative, inspirational. When my brain reaches capacity from too many words I simply zone out with shamanic journeying. A sweet horse showed up!! S/he just wanted to be with me—so sweet. Not my dragon, no wings. If we weren’t flying what were we doing? Paul Revere came to mind so I imagined riding that NW/SE line across the land diffusing all the hot heads and hot spots. I felt so much love for this horse in the same way I love Dragon. How odd is that? (Have always had distant relationships with neighbors horses. Nothing close.) It’s a very spiritual time. I feel lifted up. More energy than matter! Not feeling emotionally tearful. That may show up any moment. I guess I feel—grounded. Ah-ha! Thank you horse. The horse with no name—just energy of Love. It’s odd to feel so comfortable in this body. I must feel loved and supported. Wow, big wave of emotion !!

PS: Almost forgot: In one of my journeys my head seemed to separate from my body (think bobble head doll). It’s total bliss and I have to restrain myself because I am doing my own thing as Dr. Joe talks (not polite at all). I’ve been having this sensation in recent meditations. Just now I am remembering the Headless Horseman !!

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  1. Andreas

    Great post! The world needs such a retreat to re-energize.


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