Monthly Archive: November 2020

Generating Love

So much happens in meditation. This morning with GOLOV. I let the energy move me here, there, everywhere. Serpent seems to know this and is ready for a dance partner! S/He’s a good dancer!!

Image #1 was immediate. When I moved out of lotus position I recognized the similarity in posture, in design. Serpent is the energy that moves through—activating matter. Serpent is the expression of e-motion.

Image #2 emerged as a “filament” moving through my head and down to the center of the Earth. Sun above and Earth below. What a cosmic love affair reminding me of that “mystical marriage” between the pineal and pituitary glands (+/-). Positive Sun and Negative Earth create an expanded field of Love.

Serpentine energy moves my body as I meditate. One pattern of motion is top of head being pulled back which compresses back of neck. Bingo! Enter Reptilian Brain that plays a role as a coordinate. Does this head back and forehead (Third Eye) up create a lineup of chakra points and centers? Does it create a unified field? I noticed air was breathing me differently. It’s helpful to be resilient, open, to let new patterns emerge. Observation is a gift of consciousness.

Coordinates are lining up through inclusion. No part left out. More parts revealing themselves. We are Lighting Up.

“Generator” is a word that revealed itself in our GOLOV community. Yes we are !! Generating new Love point to point, line to line, surface to surface. Crystal generation !!

Meditation to “Atlantis”

I had asked for the the name of my Dragon homeland and it came through now as I wrote this title—faster than the speed of Light !!

Quantum Meditation via Dr. Joe Dispenza

I feel the side of a structure with my right hand. I am inside a hologram, space ship, orb, capsule. I land and exit the craft walking the white marble path to my dear Arcturian with large bulbous head, high collar and deep blue cloak and gown. I see his full face and express Love for him. We converse. I ask questions about conditions on Earth. He does a scan on my brain releasing bonds or implants. He assures support through the changes. Dragon is here and we reconnect. Everything feels so real, so physical!! “Love can do that” I am told.

Back to meditation:

Horse chariots fill the skies. Dragons on the move. (Reminds me of biblical book of Revelation.) Removing implants, meteors, in the field of space. Very shamanic—in the Cosmic field. Clearing negative, invisible space before positive, visible matter.

Back to meditation:

“Tipping the trim tab”—changing reality. Have to look up “trim tab”

Why is my brain-heart-body in a new state of seeing and hearing detail? Because the collective body is moving as One. Because Throat Chakra is opening connecting to Heart Chakra activating Angel-Human Wings.

I give thanks for mutidimensional family support and for this catalyst in the form of Dr. Joe. We are all playing our parts in the “liberation of Matter.”

Blood Type

4:50 am. I woke up to the question: What “triggers” me regarding a non-local relationship? The answer has to do with temperature of hot to cold creating a void. It’s not a sustainable pattern for a warm-blooded mammal. Maybe it is for a cold-blooded reptile. I AM more than these blood types. My blood is heart centered which must be a totally different creature/creation.

Being triggered for me results in detachment, letting go. Is that my old “flight” pattern for safety? Or is it a new pattern of discernment that is observation from a distance until something shifts in the energy field. I’ve been in this hot/cold pattern with men for twenty years. What am I supposed to be learning? What am I learning? I am definitely learning a lot in this new field of relationship. He is different, very different. He is conscious, self-aware in higher chakras. I am grateful my relationships are evolving.

I am not sure what others think of my constant “self-absorption.” How I always talk about myself as if I am the center of my universe. Truth is: I AM the center of my universe and that makes all the difference. My fascination with my day-to-day life has to do with my relationship with Light (not ego) and how it moves through me and thus my life.

So I am asking myself: “What if?” A Rob Hopkins question! What if I didn’t detach? What if I stayed engaged rather than letting go? To be honest I am resistant. I want my open sky to fly away. I want to breathe and be able to be free from this world. No, I don’t trust men who treat women as objects. That’s it! That’s what the “hot to cold” feels like.

And beyond all this is the fact that we are all learning about non-local relationship. Why? Because our brain-heart-bodies are evolving. How to Love vibrationally, multi-dimensionally? How to meet and interact outside 3-D reality? I do this with my mystical friends via Third Eye imaging. Do I go to them? Do they come to me? Do we meet in some middle? I think of hologram as a vehicle for communication. My heart showed itself as a hologram in a recent meditation. More questions!

Meditation always provides guidance from deeper states of knowing and Being.

GOLOV Meditation

Serpent moving downward. Touching, spiraling around each chakra. Touching ground at feet. Then energy shoots straight up like a bolt. Later felt Serpent wrapping around central pole. Positive Energy, negative Earth. Fiery Union. Letting it rid the old and welcome the new. Always something new to say, do, BE !!

Heart became a hologram when holding loved one. What exactly is a hologram: non-local reality—a projection of matter?

Dragon Speak

I am getting ready to speak/video again about my mystical experiences. What to say? There are so many threads going in so many directions. It’s a scanning of that map and considering what might be logical to others while emotional to me. I get to trust that pulling on one thread brings up another thread as a story is told. I don’t know until the NOW moment and that moment is encircled in a spirit of joy. Shekinah? It’s this unconditional backdrop that gives support to the parts of speech, of communication. I bow to the masculine and feminine Serpentine/Instinctual brain and let it move me.

Serpent Dream

I just awoke from a nap and was reminded that I was going to share this dream from many years ago. It is included in my book, S/He Dragon ~ How I Found My Wings, chapter 13, Serpent Sacred.

A couple weeks ago, at a meditation retreat in Florida, I met this man !!

I am walking with a man who is taller than I am. We see a snake. It wants to get closer to me and I freak out—a physical snake is different from a mystical one. It wraps around my neck and I consciously work to stay calm. I focus and attune to the snake. I feel its pressure around my neck moving left to right, then hear it make a sharp sound at, and then in, my right ear. The man unwraps the snake from my neck very carefully because it’s tangled in my hair. He lifts the snake high. I think he’s going to throw it but he gently places it on the ground. The man then strokes my head and neck.

(full moon in Florida)

Instinctual Flow

Energy of the Sacred Feminine is spontaneous, genuine, pure. I listen and watch until invisible forces press me to speak or act. In other words, I AM moved. I absolutely love this Instinctual flow.
The Reptilian brain is “instinctual” according to scientists.