Sage and Spores

Sage from my garden had been sitting on my kitchen counter for weeks. Last night I was inspired (where does that come from?) to burn it in my abalone shell. I walked through my apartment smudging while inhaling the invoking scent. When I smudged my plants I noticed the seriously cut back Fica (that has lived with me for 25 years) had two more mushroom friends. How did that happen? Spores from the forest must have come through the open window. How fun is that!

Early in the GOLOV meditation last night the face of a young man appeared. We looked at each other for a bit of time and then he was joined by others in the background. At some point the dots of past and present connected and he became a “little person” of fairy folk similar to the one I saw last summer in the field of Queen Anne’s Lace. This causes me to want to smudge more often in honor of the forest, wild mushrooms, and the little people. I am very aware that these spirit beings are now male. That is a shift !!

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