Monthly Archive: September 2020


Meeting a friend today and felt like taking her a small gift. Something from my heart. I then saw a “Dragon Speak” card. How fun is that? I have been waiting to get motivated to do an art project. It just landed/grounded! I am so guided from within and letting life happen rather than making it happen.


Male (+) and female (-) attraction creates an electromagnetic field. Desire is the e-motional propulsion to have contact and union. Do higher intelligences in other galaxies desire to make contact with humans?

Cross Over

Voila !! These two words bring “speed of light” enlightenment as soon as I write them. Enlightenment, as in seeing and knowing more than I did before. Is this not “time” in its moment by moment, evolving creation?

For weeks I have been tumbling in dark space head over heels. This cycle began when I saw a toxic being with empty eye sockets (windows of the soul) and then when I saw black lettering on white space in Dreamtime which were not English. It was the new way in which I saw that had an impact on my consciousness as if I was seeing “into”—with x-ray vision—holographically. Then I saw into the life of a child and hit a wall of grief. That grief and other dark emotions have been seeping through since. This dark energy-in-motion is the Language of the Sacred Feminine. It is not logical nor linear. It’s a dance I call the Creative Process. It’s Dark leading to Light. It’s Light leading to Dark. A Yin/Yang dance of opposites—Serpentine.

This morning in Dreamtime I saw lettering again. I could read letters this and they spelled “I’m sorry.” This loving communication came through as a beam of angled (/) light. It felt like an intervention; a break in the falling, the tumbling. I immediately remembered a teaching from the Emissaries of Divine Light: X representing the pattern of flow and communication between levels of consciousness. The crossover point at the X center provides stability and is the “fulcrum” (I don’t know the meaning of this word but it came up from the subconscious) for motion. All this emotion teaches me about myself and mySelf (X) two aspects of one whole. I am committed to working with levels of consciousness no matter the discomfort. It is the most rewarding and enlightening work there is.


Back here at “home plate” where I can track all my bases. Much has happened since I was here last. If I could draw the lines, base to base, they would look chaotic to the human eye. But chaos leads to order and that is my “zero point” sight vision—note Dragon speak. We lift off from one reality to another. A gutsy flight to somewhere yet unknown.