Whew !!

Stillness. Dark inner cave. Pressure around head. Needing solitude. No capacity to function. Head feeling disconnected from body. Nerves on edge. What is this? 

Whew! The pressure dissipated today. Thankfully!! And I know this space—I have moved through it many times over the years. I call it the Feminine phase of a “creative cycle.” It takes me down and under and disorients me in its darkness but I know it when I’m out of it. My experience is that it shape shifts me and I turn around and up with expanded capacities. (Not sure this will be in any book for validation—this is my experience—Joseph Campbell comes to mind.) In the distant past more emotion was involved. This phase was more physical.

The cycle of Male and Female energies creates a wave pattern. I am up, positive and sunny and then down, negative and dark. It is always a relief to feel the sun again in this motion of e-motion.

This must be a S/He Dragon voyage with water, air, earth and fire.

(The image is from a trance experience.)

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