Bar Magnet

I sometimes wake up to an assignment. Today it is: What is a bar magnet? It looks like my S/He Dragon is a bar magnet! Earth bodies are bar magnets as Light energy contacts centers circulating around and through physical matter. This whole process is Love in action, in expression. Why? Because it’s the micro and macro design from Creator to Creation. In other words we live in an electromagnetic universe and we are electromagnetic beings.

So why are we humans not plugged in to this Love? Why are we hating and killing? Because we are expressing from our lowest energy centers of survival. We have higher centers to express. These centers are vortexes with color, sound and patterns of frequency. Going within to listen is enlightening. It is an act of loving oneself.

I notice that my body wants to “wrap around” my Beloved. Bar magnet to bar magnet ! This “wrapping” can be spiritual, emotional, mental, or physical. It’s the holy “communion” that holds and sustains the charge. Community holds communion, bar magnets to bar magnets and—all things are made new!

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