Angel Wing Activation

Thanks to Dr. Joe Dispenza, Dr. Bruce Lipton and Elena from Dr. Joe’s Soulmates group I have new awareness about what I have been calling the Wing Chakra. It’s challenging to explain the details when I saw the whole picture all at once. But there were trigger moments and words of association. Such as when Dr. Bruce talked about merging the left and right brain hemispheres by crossing one’s arms and ankles. Another was today when Elena asked me online if I worked with “healing of soul parts and wing chakra.”

This led me to see the Wing Chakra not as an additional chakra (in my book S/He Dragon ~ How I Found My Wings I called it the 8th chakra) but as the whole. In other words each chakra has wings! Perhaps it is the entire spinal column.

I’ve been reading about people in Dr. Joe’s online groups connecting with higher beings and Angels and got the sense that Angel energy and sightings were a thing. As a result I see that there is Angel Wing Activation in the larger community—the body, the New Earth. This is a quantum leap of Love, Truth and Life—Heart, Head and Body !!

Looking at this image it’s as if the field enlarged with more parts. I know it has more to tell us—many of us !!

(This circuitry is composed of masculine (+) logic and feminine (-) intuition creating balance of intelligence.)

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