Head Ache Heart Ache

Witnessing rage and violence is heartbreaking. As calm and stable as I was while all hell broke loose now, in the still of night, I feel “gremlins” around my head. This may be a night of no sleep.

This is a very low point in these lives and though I am not emotional, my body has a headache. So, I sage. Light a candle. Call on my Angels. There is nothing I, or we, can do for them. Old patterns stand strong. What will it take to bring change? Time. Something is gonna give one way or another. The image of a dam comes in. This dam has lots of holes and no one is fixing them. I don’t want to watch this dam break yet, break it will. Unless someone sees the Light and takes action.

Mother’s Day of grief. Maybe that is the energy around my head. And maybe it isn’t my energy. Maybe I am tuned in to their turbulence. More sage !!

This is an outdated flyer,
the words regarding grief are not.

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