Sword Work Addendum

Sword Work was written immediately after the experience so I wouldn’t forget the details. However, it wasn’t complete.

It is more correct to say dark “ring” and not circle because the choking force surrounds matter.

As I was pulling on the spaghetti like strands to loosen them they wound around the sword in short spirals and I cut them with the sword. I was instructed NOT to focus on the dark human–not to cut into human flesh. The substance that needs clearing is not physical.

January 23, 2019 I have a blog post about a Trance session I did involving another chord of attachment. In yet another session I remember the chord reminding me of an umbilical chord. For some strange reason my hands know these damp, spongy chords as I reach in and separate the strands. (Am I changing chords to strands?) I have no idea in what reality I have done this or do this. Nor do I know what it means. I think of the brain. Am I a brain surgeon somewhere? Am I working with grey matter? Has our brain been manipulated? Are we held in suspension?

Is this shamanic work for the purpose of waking us out of amnesia?

Are my hands and arms like a sword? They seem to be doing the same work in these trance / shamanic states.

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