Singing Bowl

After Easter I was reflecting on my busy life and had this vision of a spiral. My Feminine seeing or intuition brought up the image as my Masculine logic informed me that this is my personal Solar System! From center I manage time, relationships, food—everything—in this system. I am watching how this works in my life and see that there are changes I need to make so my system runs more smoothly, harmoniously. Just now in meditation (going within to listen and watch for guidance) I GOT that this is a Singing Bowl! There is work to do as I listen for harmony and dissonance and make choices in response. I have work to do—changes to make!

This is the second spiral I drew of the vision I had after Easter. This one feels more feminine; the previous one more masculine. How perfect for this S/He Dragon! My work in this world is to tell my stories of how Light moves me and in that movement is e-motional sound !!

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