Calling the Dragon Clan

Reading through old computer discs today I found this project idea from 2009 when I was laid off from Children’s Home Society of Washington after 18 years. I was always trying to find ways to fit into the system. It was and is a challenge for this Dragon.

February 2, 2009

Dragon Clan


Calling the Dragon Clan

If you have roots growing from your feet, electricity sparking from fingers, a serpent tongue, and laser-beam eyes this experiential workshop is for you.

Or, if you walk off balance, have idle hands, speak empty words, or see the world through darkness this workshop is for you.

Or, if you have bone spurs, arthritis, low thyroid, and tired eyes this workshop is for you.

Or, if you walk in grief, hold heartache, hide secrets, and judge others this workshop is for you.

Magic is afoot.  Be part of it.

Presented by Yellow Turtle Spirit in Laughing Waters

My identity has been through a job and earning income in this world.  It is how one contributes and survives.  New work opens inside out shape-shifting me.  I step forward as Dragon in this linear world ~ Dragon with Wings.  Who will relate? 

Unemployment will pay me to go back to school.  Is there a school for non-linear dragons?  Unemployment offers a self-employment assistance training program.  Do non-linear dragons qualify? Can dragons have a business to sell their magic?  I will be asking those questions and pushing into the linear system.  Dragons have a different compass and map obeying their own calling and lines.  It’s time to draw a new map in this world. 

(What exactly is a dragon in human form?  I am getting that it’s an integration of primal reptilian brain with newer brain holding/reflecting holographic and quantum universe.)

I have a vision that evolved step by step:

  • On a plane to Los Angeles reading John Hagelin’s article in Shift magazine about collective meditation reducing stress, crime and violence
  • In Sherman Oakes meditating under my sister’s orange tree I feel rich bliss and think this green job deserves monetary value in a new and green economy
  • Talk to friends about meditation as a green job
  • Obama expands the Department of Faith-Based and Community Initiatives; federal funds are available
  • Talk to Rev Charles about CSL communities from Seattle to San Diego providing meditation and prayer circles that receive funding to then circulate into local at-risk youth and environmental programs.  Congregation members pledge support and local businesses sponsor to help match the federal grant.
  • I manage the whole system of energy flows and have a green job in this world all along the western edge and arc

Having a vision is easier than grounding it.  There is red tape and tight pathways.  And departments to wade through to see what can fit.  I push into the linear system and ask the questions.  Can such a vision be funded?  Or is it another stepping stone moving into the next phase of creative cycle?  I am cranked into and cranked up by a dynamic wheel of life.  The lesson is to stay in the moment as things heat up and spin faster, faster.  Hold on….here’s another wave to ride.  Air currents pull one way, water currents swirl another way, and earth currents spiral…all driven by solar/soular heat.  It’s a dynamic combustion of forces and I am at the center – uncertain about this world of form but solid in spirit. Which world am I?  I listen and am guided through this transition.  Ground increasingly forms under feet.  Emotions learn to trust the infinite force behind it all.

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