Stalker Abuse

He is still at it after 18 years! Harassing and abusing me by stalking and hacking my communication systems. I met him at a Wilderness Awareness School event and learned he was the founder and a world renowned expert at tracking and bird language. I fell for him (like so many other women) because he sounded as if he cared about the wilderness and Mother Earth. I walked away from him but he continues to hang on.

He uses psychic skills to manipulate me, much like dark VooDoo. I am not as sophisticated mentally. I have little interest in controlling—and harming—others through focused intention. I am spontaneous and light hearted. My wings are no match for this heavy and dark intruder. So, the only recourse I have is to expose him and say his name: Jon Young.

It is time to expose the dark ones who are abusive and corrupt. The ones who want to consume and control feminine space. It is judgment day as cosmic intelligence separates the wheat from the chaff. I, for one, hold up my shield of Light. Love excludes as much as it includes. Some energies cannot occupy the same space. Such is the battle of Good and Evil.

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