I woke up to a sheet of teal color via mind’s inner Eye or what I like to call Dragon Eye. Teal is the color of the tall “commander’s” robe who stands at my right. I see him through inner Eye and heard “Galactic Federation.” I will try to draw him and add the color. I need a hypnotherapy session to go deeper or I need to change my diet to go deeper. This diet thing has been the most difficult because food is emotional comfort for me and that goes deep. Gotta release old patterns to let new ones in.

So much happens in our sleep. We time travel to spend time with beings in other dimensions, we unravel codes in the subconscious and we get clarity on the next piece of information/inspiration in our expanding consciousness.

I see and know duality as male (+) and female (-). These two energy forces that flow through my Dragon body have one Source but express differently as parts of One whole. Lately I am experiencing these two as Expansion and Contraction. I woke up to this new piece of awareness:

Expansion = Masculine = Achieving = Doing

Contraction = Feminine = Being = Listening

Human activity has been masculine for a long, long time and it is destroying life on Earth. Contraction has to be part of the equation. Feminine Being brings balance to the whole. Without it we perish.

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